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BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) is one of the main features that attract customers to BlackBerry® smartphones. Used by over 60 million customers worldwide, it provide instant communications, allows you to break down the barriers of costly international messaging, provides efficiency in the transfer of data, and allows you to keep on top of your work and social life. Today we’re excited to announce that BBM 7.0, with a new feature called BBM Voice, is now available.

BBM now has Voice

With BBM version 7.0, you’ll have the ability to voice chat with your BBM contacts over Wi-Fi®. This is a significant update to the platform and its capabilities, and gives you the choice of text or talk. If you’ve got news that’s too big to share through text chat, simply hit the call button and jump into a call. You can toggle between text and talk, and you can see whether a contact is available for a voice chat.

Additionally, you have the ability to multitask while on a BBM Voice call – browse the web, check email, use other apps on your smartphone, or send BBM notes to another contact. BBM Voice is also compatible with the accessories you have now for your BlackBerry smartphone. Use a headset or Bluetooth® accessory and easily switch between them through the onscreen menu during the chat (you can also talk through the speakerphone on your handset).

BlackBerry ID Integration

In addition to BBM Voice, you’ll be able to synchronize your BBM contacts between smartphones now that BBM is associated with your BlackBerry ID.

Why this is good news for business customers and professionals

I’ve long been a proponent of using BBM for business purposes. A little over a year ago I published a post entitled “How to Use BlackBerry Messenger 6 for Business” – and the opportunities to do so with version 7 are greater than ever.

  • More than just text (and now voice), BBM allows you to share calendar invites, voice notes, photos, and attachments up to 6 MB. This is great for sharing files quickly and efficiently with coworkers to increase collaboration.
  • International businesses can use BBM as a fully-functional text, voice, and data transfer platform for communicating at a low cost. Companies such as Homex India Private Ltd. have found significant advantages in using BBM to span time zones and locations for speedy collaboration.
  • Groups and categories allow you to stay organized and in regular contact with your team in the office, and using BBM often allows you to get directly in touch by cutting through the mass of email that many individuals face. This gives you quick answers and a quick connection – and using BBM Voice as part of this process is icing on the cake.

How will you use BBM 7.0 with BBM Voice for business? Share in the comments below!

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