Case Study: DIRECTV Improves Customer Experience with Custom Application

Case Study


The capability for custom applications is an important element of the BlackBerry Solution. Business applications such as the one developed by DIRECTV in Argentina can improve customer experience and generate further sales opportunities.

DIRECTV needed an innovative solution that allowed customers to access TV programming, request new products and manage their account remotely. The objective of the solution was to deliver quality service through easy, direct customer communication.

To do so, DIRECTV created a custom application called DIRECTV™ Móvil, which offered subscribers in Argentina access to DIRECTV services from their smartphones and tablets, including BlackBerry smartphones – with operating system 5.0 and above – and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.

The app is designed to let subscribers view a program guide, search for movies, order premium programming packages, rent movies or Pay-per-view programs and check their account status. When customers order a Pay-per-view program or subscribe to a premium channel with their BlackBerry smartphone, they get immediate access to their programming and receive a confirmation of their purchase.

“Our customers don’t need to be sitting in front of a TV or computer to consult the program guide or record a program. If they are out of their home and forgot to record their favorite sports match, or the series program or movie of their choice, they can record directly from their smartphone or tablet,” said Florencia Franchini, Manager of Customer Engagement and New Media, DIRECTV. “DIRECTV Móvil app is as easy to use as the TV remote control. We’re constantly working on developing innovations that make our customers’ lives easier while giving us a competitive edge.”

The company plans to expand the functionalities of the mobile application to include competitions for customers, benefit programs and games, among other ideas.

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