BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5.2 helps achieve regulatory compliance and expands PBX support with Service Pack 1


A service pack is now available for BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (MVS) 5.2 that expands PBX interoperability to include Siemens Enterprise Communications HiPath 4000 v6, in addition to existing support for Cisco, Mitel and Avaya PBX’s. The release also supports ITU-T E.164, the international public telecommunication numbering plan, as well as coordinated the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time standard.

A cost effective approach to mobile call recording, BlackBerry MVS integrates with leading third party call recording platforms and provides IT administrators the ability to configure BlackBerry smartphones used to route mobile calls made for business purposes through the corporate phone system, allowing conversations to be captured and archived for future reference.

BlackBerry MVS can help organizations comply with government regulations such as the FSA policy 10/17 (UK) to record calls associated with financial transactions and the Dodd-Frank Act (US) for trading records by logging call detail records of mobile calls in UTC time standard.

Learn About the Benefits of BlackBerry MVS

BlackBerry MVS is designed to increase the productivity of the ever-growing mobile workforce by unifying mobile and desk phone features. It provides users with one business phone number, one caller ID, and one voicemail box that is easily accessed from home, work, or on the go.

  • Helps organizations comply with government or regulatory compliance
    • Logs call detail records in UTC format and integrates with leading third-party call recording platforms
  • Can reduce overall telephony costs
    • BlackBerry MVS supports the use of voice over Wi-Fi®, so organizations can reduce their overall mobile telecommunication costs
  • Improves productivity
    • MVS is designed to improve productivity by reducing the time employees spend checking voicemail and returning calls, and with only one number to reach you, lets workers respond to customers faster
  • Provides greater reliability in poor or congested data coverage areas
    • BlackBerry MVS helps users by taking or placing calls through an organization’s PBX when mobile data coverage is poor or does not exist

Customers who have deployed BlackBerry MVS

Learn more about customers that have deployed BlackBerry MVS to achieve regulatory compliance and realize significant saving on mobile calls, including Nomura International PLC and Bank am Bellevue.

Companies have experienced significant cost reduction and increased productivity with BlackBerry MVS. Leclerc Scarmor, a leading French retail network with over 530 independent distributors operating over 600 stores across Europe, successfully integrated BlackBerry MVS into their business continuity plan. With BlackBerry MVS, they decreased mobile phone costs as outgoing BlackBerry calls made on site route over the company’s Wi-Fi network to the PBX, which means that these calls are charged at landline rates rather than mobile rates. Read the full story here.

Learn More about BlackBerry MVS & Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Looking to learn more about achieving regulatory compliance? Check out:

BlackBerry MVS is available globally. To learn more about BlackBerry MVS and how to get it, visit

How has your organization approached regulatory compliance and call recording? What are some of the challenges that you’ve encountered? Share in the comments below.

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