Near Field Communication (NFC) opens the door to exciting engagements with your customers


Following on from our recent “de-bunking the myths of NFC” post, we wanted to share more examples of how your business can use Near Field Communications (NFC).

Our Better Business Hub is currently taking a deeper look into how businesses can use NFC. The opportunities offered by the technology for your business are wide-ranging. It can allow you to market your company and reach out to your customers in very innovative ways, some of which are demonstrated in the NFC video below.

Anything with an NFC-embedded chip (or Smart Tag), whether it be posters, advertising boards or business cards, can be used to take consumer engagement further and interact with your customers and new business prospects in a new, innovative, and exciting way. The beauty of NFC is that automating tasks on your smartphone is really simple, as we found out earlier this year when I experimented with NFC Tags.

Consider using NFC to share your company details, direct customers to online information about a new product, promote a video, or to signpost your social media profiles. The opportunities are endless and it is important to remember – NFC is so much more than just mobile payments.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Does your company use NFC? Where do you see potential for NFC in your business? Let us know in the comments.

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