SAP Innojam Event Wrap Up


During the recent SAP TechEd and SAPPHIRE NOW conferences, SAP has been hosting Innojam events, attracting over one hundred SAP-focused developers at each event who came together to learn about the latest from SAP and develop applications integrated with SAP infrastructure. As a part of the event, a winning application was chosen, and the winning teams were awarded a prize (as well as bragging rights).

The BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Partnership team was on hand to showcase the latest in BlackBerry technology including BlackBerry 10, and show how easy HTML5 applications can be developed for or ported over to the BlackBerry platform. At each event, most of the developer teams built their apps using HTML5 and showed demonstrations of these applications running on BlackBerry devices, including both the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

All of the BlackBerry versions of the applications were built with HTML5/BlackBerry WebWorks, and considering that they were built in a day and half – and that they all connected to theSAP HANA platform using oData – it was quite impressive. This really illustrates how quick and easy it is to develop effective enterprise applications on the BlackBerry platform, with very little time and development effort.

At the end of the day a winning app was selected. At the Healthcare focused Innojam hosted in Las Vegas as a part of SAP TechEd, the app “Nurse Assist” was crowned the victor. At The Innojam hosted at SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid , the theme was connecting people in larger cities with each other, and the “WeCare” app emerged victorious:

Nurse Assist (winner in Las Vegas)

Nurse Assist is designed to help mobile nurses in their day to day activities, keeping them better informed about patients and providing an easy and effective way to update patient records. It even provides the quickest way to get to their next appointment. This app was designed to run on the BlackBerry platform using HTML5/WebWorks, and was integrated with SAP solutions on the back end to enable the user to pull the latest information, and to update patient records and information. The application was demonstrated on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.

WeCare (winner in Madrid)


The WeCare application was the winner at the Madrid Innojam, and was designed to better connect people in large cities with their neighbors; similar to the experience of those living in smaller towns and communities. The app makes it easier for people living in large cities to easily and securely connect with their neighbors to help out with shopping, carpooling, babysitters, and more. The app connects to SAP HANA for the latest information and updates, and was integrated with various social media tools like Twitter & Facebook.

To learn more, check out a full video recap of the Las Vegas event and the Madrid event.

For more information on developing applications integrated with SAP solutions on the back end, check out the SAP for BlackBerry Development Guide, and for more on BlackBerry development best practices, check out the BlackBerry Enterprise Development Guide.

We also hope you will take the time to check out all the new and exciting news and information on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. Have you developed business or government apps using BlackBerry WebWorks? Share your experience in the comments below.

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