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In the early days, smartphones were for work, and were often provided by businesses to their key employees who needed to be connected to corporate information at all times. As the industry evolved, these devices came to be media powerhouses, full of rich applications and a wide potential of use cases. Your smartphone is now your music player, your digital camera, and your hub of communication with friends and family. A challenge arose in businesses worldwide – work data needed to be kept safe and secure, but no one enjoys a locked-down experience. Many employees started to bring their own personal phone from home, but had to continue using their work-issued device, and ended up using each for separate purposes. But where’s the fun in carrying two phones? Some businesses then saw an opportunity to cut costs by allowing employees to connect personal devices to their corporate infrastructure. Thus, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend was born.

The Bring Your Own Device trend emerges

But with BYOD, a new, evolved challenge emerged for IT departments – the security of work data mixed with personal use can create a multitude of problems for both employees and businesses. Corporate data can be easily compromised due to malware attacks, permissions granted to apps, and the like. On the other side, when an organization performs a remote security wipe, employees can be left without music, personal photos, personal email accounts, and more.

“BlackBerry Balance is our cutting edge solution to the problems
that arise from the BYOD trend; challenges which have developed
over years of smartphone industry growth.”

BlackBerry Balance is our cutting edge solution to the problems that arise from the BYOD trend; challenges which have developed over years of smartphone industry growth. With BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Balance technology, Work and Personal perimeters are created on the smartphone to separate and secure the corresponding apps, connections, and data. The benefits of such technology are significant and relevant.

Security for Administrators, Freedom for Employees

Businesses are now enabled in their mobile strategies; they can connect employees to their infrastructure and promote the use of business applications and behind-the-firewall connectivity. Employees can be more productive, devices can be ultra-functional, and organizations can truly move their work mobile. The work perimeter can be controlled and managed at a granular level with all of the robust functionality that the BlackBerry enterprise mobility management solution provides. The data in each perimeter is protected. It reduces risk significantly, and creates a situation where BYOD can be embraced for all of its benefits.

Employees can be free from work-related restrictions on their mobile devices. Download apps, use the camera, message friends and family, and browse wherever you please. What you do on the personal perimeter of the smartphone is up to you, and your work doesn’t need to control, restrict, or manage this side of the device. It can be truly yours to own, use, and customize. When your organization manages or in the event they need to wipe the corporate perimeter, your information is left intact just as it was before.

How is BlackBerry Balance Enabled?

The recently launched BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 allows IT administrators to configure BlackBerry Balance settings on employees’ BlackBerry 10 smartphones. As an end user, you’ll have the opportunity to set up your work email account, and in the process set up the work perimeter, which is locked by a BlackBerry Balance password that you create.

Toggling between Work and Personal is as simple as swiping down anywhere on the application screen. In the Work perimeter a behind-the-firewall connection is created, allowing you to access work apps through BlackBerry World for Work, an app store created by your administrator, as well as work versions of many applications. If you’re currently running a few apps when you switch perimeters, they’ll remain as Active Frames, allowing for rapid multitasking between work and personal apps.

Security features on BlackBerry 10 Security features on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Hub and the Calendar app are two examples of apps that straddle this barrier between Work and Personal perimeters. Both personal and work email can appear in the Hub. The same applies to the calendar. If BlackBerry Balance is locked, only personal items will appear, alongside work items, which are listed as “locked item”. A simple tap on any locked item will prompt you to enter your password.

The BlackBerry Balance Experience on BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Check out a quick video demonstration of how you can interact with BlackBerry Balance functionality on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Summing Up…

BlackBerry Balance provides a better experience for end users, and helps to mitigate risk and provide a higher return on investment for businesses. We’ve designed the tools required to tackle current trends in workplace mobility, and are constantly working on helping you tackle future trends that are just around the corner.

Are you an administrator or an end user? How will BlackBerry Balance help you have a better experience?

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