BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services Now Available: Get Your Business BlackBerry 10 Ready


Let me start by saying that I’m super excited that the new BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services which our team here in Enterprise Service Offer Product Management developed, are now available!

The BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services are a suite of migration services that were designed to help customers transition to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10, aligning to key IT project phases of Planning, Installation, Migration, Training and Ongoing support. Whether you are looking for a little help or a lot, our BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services will work to make your migration to BlackBerry 10 as seamless as possible.

With the recently launched BlackBerry 10 Ready program, RIM has provided an on-demand webcast series, a BlackBerry 10 Ready Offer, and we’re now launching the final aspects of the program; starting with the BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services.

Your migration, your choice – Introducing BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services

Ease your transition to the powerful new BlackBerry 10 mobile computing platform, with flexibility and a choice of services.

Change Management and Planning

When you choose this service, one of our BlackBerry experts will be assigned to help you along every step of the planning stages. It is perfect for organizations who have the internal knowledge to upgrade and migrate, but would like assistance planning the transition from BlackBerry Enterprise Server to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Change Management and Planning with Remote Installation

This service is ideal for organizations that would like assistance with both planning and executing the transition from BlackBerry Enterprise Server to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. It is delivered by one of our highly qualified Enterprise Solution Partners.

Change Management and Planning with Migration Services

If you are a large enterprise planning a phased roll out to BlackBerry 10, or you want to transition to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 from another Enterprise Mobility Management solution then this service is right for you. It is delivered by one of our highly qualified Enterprise Solution Partners.

BlackBerry 10 Application Development Services

This end-to-end service will help you rewrite existing Java apps or develop new ones that will be compatible with BlackBerry 10 devices.

Training and Certification

Once you have your BlackBerry 10 environment in place, you’ll want your teams to confidently support it. That’s where our training and certification services come in. Available in instructor-led and web-based forms, they provide all the knowledge you need.

For more information here’s a brochure on the program. You can also visit the BlackBerry 10 Ready Program site or listen to the “How BlackBerry Technical Support Services Are Evolving with BlackBerry 10” webcast, which is part of the BlackBerry 10 Ready Webcast Series

Support services simplified: BlackBerry Technical Support Services (BTSS)

I’m also equally excited that with BlackBerry 10 coming, we took the opportunity to step back and see how we could enhance and simplify our flagship global enterprise support program – BlackBerry Technical Support Services.

We decided to streamline the program from 6 to 3 tiers, an update which is now available! We kept all of the good stuff and optional services, but added value at some tiers, simplified pricing, and added a bundle at Advantage, our mid-tier, to provide a higher support experience for those who choose it.

BTSS is now consolidated. There are 3 distinct levels. It’s easier to select the support that’s a perfect fit for your organization. There’s Basic, Advantage and Premium, for simplified decision-making and maximized value. It’s better than ever. (Just ask me!) Learn more about the new BlackBerry Technical Support Services today.

Getting direct support from the makers of BlackBerry makes good business sense. Here are some facts that make me smile:

  • We have been providing strategic technical support to BlackBerry customers for over 10 years
  • We support BlackBerry customers in over 90 countries
  • We support over 30,000 active servers and 5.5 million active enterprise devices around the globe
  • We provide support to 1,000+ device customers across diverse industries, including Health Care, Public Safety,Finance, Public Sector, Education and more

We work to help you maximize software uptime, to ensure that your BlackBerry Solution is used the way it’s designed, assist you in embracing new BlackBerry technology like BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 with upgrade planning and execution services, and give you self-service productivity tools in our BlackBerry Expert Support Center. And, all of this so that you can focus on what’s important to you – business productivity. That’s what it’s all about – BlackBerry Technical Support Services are here to help with the transition to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and you can take advantage of our new BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services.

We’re ready when you are!

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