Top 5 Security Features of BlackBerry 10


One of the many reasons that we love our BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets is because we know that they’re designed to be rock solid on security. For over ten years, enterprise customers around the world have trusted BlackBerry technology to protect their information. And with BlackBerry 10, it only gets better. Simply put: BlackBerry is the gold standard for secure end-to-end mobility. Check it out!

1) Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Password

Okay, so passwords aren’t the sexiest feature, but you know what — they’re probably the most important piece of security you can implement! Passwords keep strangers out of your BlackBerry device and out of your personal info. Best of all, with BlackBerry 10, the passwords don’t need to be long or even hard to type.

Security features on BlackBerry 10

When unlocking a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you have 10 tries to enter the password, which means that your passwords don’t need to be long or complex. Suppose I told you that my BlackBerry 10 password was 4 random lower-case letters – a very simple password. How many tries, on average, do you think it would take to guess it? 100? 1000? Try over 200,000! Complex passwords are always more secure, but the key is to make your password hard to guess.

See that icon on the right side of the password box that looks like an eye? You can tap that anytime to see what you’re typing. This is great for making sure that you’re typing in the right password. To hide your password, simply tap the icon again.

Your BlackBerry 10 smartphone password is also required for you to modify many of the security settings. So if someone gets ahold of your phone and tries to remove your password, they won’t have any luck. The same applies for changing the timeout on your password, toggling the “Lock Device when Holstered” setting, and more.

To create a password, navigate to Settings > Security and Privacy > Device Password.

2) Your BlackBerry ID

One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new smartphone is backing up your data. BlackBerry ID makes switching devices a breeze. If you lose or change your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet, your BlackBerry ID will remember your information and apps to make the switch easy.

Even better, BlackBerry ID is your single sign-in to BlackBerry sites, services and applications. Apps like BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Protect, and of course BBM all use BlackBerry ID. With a single password, you can protect the BlackBerry services that matter most to you.

Security features on BlackBerry 10

When you start your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you will be asked to create or sign in with your BlackBerry ID. You can also manage your BlackBerry ID anytime by navigating to Settings > BlackBerry ID.

3) Application Permissions

Apps. We all love them, and we’re really excited about the wealth of apps available for BlackBerry 10! But we also value our privacy. Enter the concept of “Application Permissions”.

Application Permissions let you see, control, and customize what each application can access in a simple and intuitive way. Suppose you’ve downloaded a great new mapping app, and it asks for access to your Location. Of course you’re going to allow it – you’re expecting it and it makes sense.

Now suppose you download a simple game and it asks for your Location. Unless you know why, you might choose to deny access or uninstall it. Application Permissions allow you to manage and protect your privacy.

Security features on BlackBerry 10

vWhile apps request the permissions they need when you install and run them, you can also modify the permissions later on by navigating to Settings > Security and Privacy > Application Permissions.

4) BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect is one of the most popular BlackBerry apps of all time, and for good reason. When the device is on, it can help you remotely locate your BlackBerry smartphone, set a password, and even wipe it from anywhere with an Internet connection. We’ve integrated BlackBerry Protect into every BlackBerry 10 smartphone, so you don’t even need to download the app anymore. Simply go to Settings > BlackBerry Protect to set it up.

Security features on BlackBerry 10

But what if someone steals your BlackBerry and tries to disable BlackBerry Protect? Well in order to disable it, you need to enter your BlackBerry ID password. To quote my favorite YouTube show: “That’s smart!”

5) BlackBerry Balance

If you’re like most people, you use your smartphone for both work and play. You want to keep your work life separate from your personal life but still access all of your favorite personal apps and features, as well as your work connectivity, email, and corporate apps. But you just can’t do that on a single phone. Until now.

Security features on BlackBerry 10 Security features on BlackBerry 10

When your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is managed and secured by BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, BlackBerry Balance divides the data into two spaces: Personal and Work. Personal apps (e.g. games) access personal data and connect directly to the Internet. Work apps (e.g. expense reporting) access work data and connect through the corporate network behind your organization’s firewall.

On BlackBerry 10, you’ll be able to install apps, use social networks, manage photos, create videos, and take advantage of all that the smartphone has to offer. Your IT department will be able to manage the Work space and secure their corporate data.

Best of all, BlackBerry Balance starts up by default when you connect your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to the BlackBerry Device Service in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Simply create a Work password and start using BlackBerry Balance.

These are just a few of the great security features in BlackBerry 10, especially if you’re connected on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Which ones are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

About Alex M.

Product Manager, Consumer Security, Alex joined Research In Motion (RIM) in 2006 and has worked on securing BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution. Today, he looks after the security of consumer products like email, instant messaging and social networking. Alex does all of his online banking and shopping from his BlackBerry smartphone because it’s safer than using a computer (seriously!).

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