Meet Cameron Stevens – Our First BlackBerry Business Elite of the Month!


Throughout 2013, the BlackBerry For Business Blog will be featuring a monthly “BlackBerry Business Elite” member who has been an integral member of our BlackBerry For Business social community. Each member of our elite program has been an active contributor on our @BlackBerry4Biz Twitter account, BlackBerry For Business LinkedIn group and an influential member of our online community.

To read more about our first featured BlackBerry Business Elite member, Cameron Stevens – check out his interview below!

Name: Cameron Stevens
Occupation: Technical Resource for support and automation
Twitter Account: @CharlieSierra24

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a technology nut, I love working with technology, and always have. My first PC was an IBM PCjr. A few weeks after receiving it I released my first program, a math tutor of sorts written in BASIC. I stuck with technology through high-school and circumvented college almost completely aside from two night school courses that proved redundant in BASIC programming and Local Area Networking. I excelled at proving my value without a formal education and have been a good friend of technology ever since.

2. Why are you a #TeamBlackBerry fan?

I joined #TeamBlackBerry for two reasons, two fundamental features of any technology that will always win me over, reliability and toughness. Technology should be built to last and endure the real world’s demands. My first BlackBerry, an 8900, did very well in those respects and no BlackBerry has let me down yet. Oh, and one more thing…patriotism. As a Canadian, I am very happy to support the brand.

3. What’s your favorite BlackBerry app?

I hate to sound cliché but I can’t really pick just one app that’s my favourite, though BBM communication is very essential to me. I also value apps that allow me to bank or provide remote support.

4. How do you use your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for work?

My PlayBook along with Evernote keeps my notes around tasks and projects, and a well written RDP application that has made my PlayBook a valuable support tool.

5. What picture is your current BlackBerry wallpaper, and why?

My BlackBerry wallpaper is the great hall of BCE Place in downtown Toronto – I was there a few days ago en route to an interview. Since it was first built, BCE Place has been one of my favourite architectural works.

6. What’s your favourite BlackBerry smartphone model, and why?

My current device is the BlackBerry Bold 9790, but if I were in the market right now I might consider the 9900. Though the devices are similar, the BlackBerry 9900’s larger format may be just a little better, but the difference is negligible. I’m a keyboard guy.

7. If a friend were in the market for a new smartphone and/or tablet, what would you say to convince them to join the BlackBerry family?

I am often asked to defend my choice of a BlackBerry as my recommendation, and while durability and low data usage are key points, the reality is that it has everything that you need to communicate reliably – right out of the box. I would also tell my friends and family about BBM 7’s voice chat over WiFi – that’s a real win!

8. What are the “Top 5” things you keep in your purse/briefcase/backpack at all times?

My backpack will ALWAYS have my PlayBook, AC charger for the PlayBook, a bootable Linux USB key (for security and data recovery), $20 (just-in-case), and a travel router.

9. What are some of your favourite blogs and websites that you visit often?

I’m less of a blog follower than a news follower but I’m a fan of,,,, and follow a host of people on Twitter to feed my technology appetite.

10. Any interesting facts people would be surprised to know about you?

I prefer to have a beard, and wear my Tilley Hat. I have two Tilley hats, one is for more formal occasions and looks less worn. I’m also older than I look, it seems.

Thanks for joining us Cameron!

About Steph F.

Steph has been with Research In Motion since January 2009, most recently as a Communications Advisor on the Corporate PR team. With experience within the RIM Customer Support Operations organization, the Office of the CIO and the Enterprise and Government Public Relations team, Steph enjoys being a part of all things BlackBerry. Steph engages daily with the BlackBerry For Business community, which gives her an opportunity to connect with enterprise business leaders online. An ink-slinger of the fussiest sort, Steph has experience supporting senior executives (personal correspondence, keynote appearances and media interviews) and event management (press conferences, product launches and trade shows). Outside the office, Steph is a self-proclaimed oenophile, globe trotter and foodie-in-training. She also loves westies and accountants.

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