BlackBerry Leadership Series Part 2: A Look Inside the Technology Within BlackBerry 10 [VIDEO]


BlackBerry 10 is coming soon! This week’s leadership video reveals a bit more about the technology built into BlackBerry 10, and what the BlackBerry team is looking forward to showing the Enterprise market. This “behind the scenes” leadership series was filmed to tell the personal side of the making of BlackBerry 10, and highlight some of the incredible benefits our leadership team has focused on delivering to our enterprise customer segment. The entirely re-designed and re-engineered BlackBerry 10 experience is definitely something we are proud of!

According to Mike Maloney, VP of Customer Support Operations – Americas, “I’ve been at RIM for 10 years, and we are moving forward at a pace that I have not seen before. It is very exciting and invigorating both for the staff and for our customers.” Scott Totzke, Senior VP of the BlackBerry Security Group, sees similar enthusiasm for BlackBerry 10’s focus on innovation: “We continue to focus on moving forward and re-inventing our platform. BlackBerry 10 is the first time our customers get to see this innovation. We know it’s going to drive new paradigms for mobile computing, tablets, smartphones, and other types of technology you haven’t even imagined yet.”

To hear more about what Scott Totzke, Mike Maloney, and Pete Devenyi, Senior VP of Enterprise Software, have to say about the technology inside BlackBerry 10, tune in to this week’s newly released video interview.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

What did you think about this week’s video? Do you have any comments or questions for the leaders we have featured this week? Let us know by commenting below!

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