BlackBerry Leadership Series Part 3: It’s All About You [VIDEO]


There is no better way to finish this leader series than by starting and ending with the focus on our customer experience. Committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile computing, BlackBerry 10 symbolizes over a decade of innovation.

This week’s three-part leadership series gives a behind the scenes look at what three of our top senior executives are most looking forward to with the launch of BlackBerry 10 from a customer perspective.

According to Mike Maloney, VP of Customer Support Operations – Americas, “Every customer support agent at Research In Motion that is helping BlackBerry 10 customers already has a BlackBerry 10 smartphone in their hands. Our support agents are ready and waiting to help troubleshoot any issue. People may not realize that we are running a global operation. We can support any country, any enterprise, any customer around the world.”

Sincere thanks to Scott Totzke, Senior VP of the BlackBerry Security Group, Pete Devenyi, Senior VP of Enterprise Software, and Mike Maloney, VP of Customer Support Operations – Americas for their participation in this video series.

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Thanks for tuning into this three-part leadership series! Stay tuned to the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog as we get ready to share with the world what BlackBerry 10 has to offer.

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