BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry World for Work on BlackBerry 10


Building on what we’ve already shared about the BlackBerry Balance experience on BlackBerry 10, Donny and Vivek have put together a new look at how the experience allows you to flow seamlessly between work and personal use. Work data is kept safe and secure, without compromising your experience. Regardless of whether you switch to work or personal areas of the device, currently running applications are not interrupted, allowing for intelligent multitasking between apps for personal use and apps that are connected to your corporate data. Check out the video below for a quick demo:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

BlackBerry Balance changes the game when it comes to using one device for both work and personal aspects of your life. Say goodbye to your second phone – with the separation of work and personal data while retaining a unified experience, administrators don’t need to lock down any of the functionality that you love, and you can utilize incredible business applications to get access to corporate information and files. It boosts productivity and allows your phone to switch gears as quickly as you do on a day-to-day basis.

When in the work perimeter of the device, you can access BlackBerry World for Work, which is a version of BlackBerry World designed specifically to allow you manage your installed work applications that have been provisioned by your administrator, or apps that have been recommended by your administrator for optional download.

How would access to both personal and work features on a single device positively impact your daily work and play? Share in the comments below.

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