Business Apps on BlackBerry 10 To Get You Started


Everyone loves apps. But what’s often overlooked is the real business value that they can provide in terms of productivity, access to work data on the go, and ultimately the potential to cut costs. Check out the video below for an overview of business apps and application management on BlackBerry 10, and read on for a list of some of our favorites to get you started with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

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Apps to get you started

Cisco WebEx Meetings


With the Cisco WebEx app on BlackBerry 10 you’re able to schedule and join Cisco WebEx meetings, as well as invite and view attendees, chat, screen share, and more. Cisco WebEx has become a key business and collaboration tool, and on BlackBerry 10 it’s one of the key apps helping you connect with colleagues to get more done while on the go.



Box has become known as one of the predominant cloud file storage and collaboration providers. On BlackBerry 10 smartphones Box is integrated into the file system on the device, making it simple for you to access and share your content stored in Box. It’s so easy to access Box files and folders on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone that it feels like they’re stored right there on your device, giving you the ability to quickly access and share important content anywhere you work.

Citrix Podio

Citrix Podio on BlackBerry 10 smartphones is built on HTML5, providing a powerful work collaboration platform that enables you to work the way you want to, where you want to, and using tools that perfectly fit your team’s projects and workflows.

Citrix Podio on Blackberry 10 brings collaboration and business processes together through workspaces and apps that are powerful, collaborative, and social alternatives to spreadsheets, documents and email. You can also develop your own custom apps with easy building blocks (no tech skills required) for managing projects. Over 200,000 organizations around the world already use Podio and we’re excited to bring the power of Podio to the BlackBerry community. Learn more at

Ricoh HotSpot Printing Application

Ricoh’s print app on BlackBerry 10 smartphones enables you to print documents and presentations on HotSpot enabled printers with the simple click of a button, making it more convenient to print hard copies right from your BlackBerry 10 device. The HotSpot service is available in many public venues such as airport club lounges and hotels. It may also be hosted on a private cloud service for enterprise customers, enabling mobile printing throughout the corporate network.

SalesNOW CRM for BlackBerry 10

SalesNOW on BlackBerry 10 enables you to manage all of your sales data with full access to your critical service and customer information when and where you need it. SalesNOW is also integrated with core BlackBerry 10 features such as email, contacts, phone, and maps functionality, and also automatically synchronizes with the SalesNOW server to give you access to the latest data. This lets you keep up to date with your accounts, and also update them while you’re out of the office, as well as making it easier for you to connect with key contacts.

BMC – BMC Mobility for Incident Management, and BMC Approvals applications


BMC’s applications on BlackBerry 10 smartphones enable you to interact with key business systems – Incident Management as well as Approvals systems while on the go. On BMC Mobility for ITSM Incidents you are able to view incident detals, and interact with incident management tickets to stay up to date, as well as provide updates to incident management items. With BMC Mobility for Approvals, you are able to view and update approval items while away from your desk. Both apps wirelessly synch with the back-end BMC systems to keep information up to date. This enables you to improve productivity by not having to return to your workstation to update trouble tickets, or check the status of approvals.

There you have it; go forth and explore business apps! Be sure to come back here and share your favorites in the comments below.

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