Get Hands on with BlackBerry 10 at the IBM Connect Event in Orlando


BlackBerry is proud to be a Platinum sponsor at the upcoming IBM Connect Event in Orlando from January 27–31, 2013. This year, IBM Connect takes on greater importance for RIM as we’ll be sharing the details of BlackBerry at the show in parallel to our global BlackBerry 10 launch events on January 30th.

Attendees at IBM Connect will have an opportunity to see the new devices firsthand, and will be able to get hands-on experience with the new features of BlackBerry 10 such as the flow of BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Hub, and BlackBerry Balance.

Attendees of IBM Connect can experience the new devices by attending any of the following events on January 30th:

  • The BlackBerry 10 Reveal event will be broadcast LIVE at IBM Connect at 10am on January 30th (Northern Hemisphere room A-C).
  • Devices will be on display at the BlackBerry booth in the IBM Connect Showcase (pedestal B11 – B16). Enter to win a new BlackBerry 10 device at the booth!
  • The BlackBerry 10 Lounge at Universal Studios – at the IBM Connect party on Wednesday night (January 30th) – drop by for your chance to compete to win a new BlackBerry 10 device.

Learn more about IBM Connect and register at For more information on BlackBerry 10, check out and be sure to check out our upcoming BlackBerry Experience Forum events for even more hands-on opportunities.

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