Research In Motion is Now BlackBerry


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Research In Motion is now BlackBerry

In a bold move (if I do say so myself), we’ve renamed the company to reflect our brand. Research In Motion (RIM) is now officially named BlackBerry. Seconds ago on stage at the BlackBerry 10 global launch event, Thorsten Heins made the announcement to press and advocates from around the world.

“We are now BlackBerry. One brand. One promise. One focus. Around the world, we are known as BlackBerry, so this will come as no surprise to those of you joining us from Paris, London, Johannesburg, Delhi, Jakarta and Dubai. Our customers are BlackBerry owners, we work for BlackBerry, and our partners and investors are supporting BlackBerry.”

To explain this move further, I sat down with Frank Boulben, CMO, earlier this week in New York City. Check out the interview below.

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

As we wrote last week, RIM was founded in 1984 – that’s almost 30 years of heritage built into the BlackBerry brand. Reflecting on this change, I believe Thorsten put it best when he said:

“We are now, more than ever, a company united in our vision for mobile computing and it all starts today with our renaming and with the global launch of BlackBerry 10.”

It’s a new day, a new name and new products. We are BlackBerry – please share your thoughts on the change with us in the comments.

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