To the Cloud! Managing Files with BlackBerry 10


Cloud file management in BlackBerry 10 Cloud file management in BlackBerry 10 Cloud file management in BlackBerry 10

(Shameless self-disclaimer: I’m a file hoarder of the worst sort. PowerPoint presentations on the enterprise road map from 2007? Still got ’em. Press release from BlackBerry Pearl smartphone launch? In my media kit folder. Photos from my high school Euro-trip? Purple hair…what was I thinking?!)

Luckily for me, with BlackBerry 10, I now have access to my digital underworld of perfectly organized online file folders, spanning the far depths of my carefully curated folder collection.

Box Dropbox

Now that BlackBerry 10 has launched, we can officially spill the beans. Some of our favorite online file management and collaboration tools come not just pre-loaded, but deeply integrated into the BlackBerry 10 platform! With the graceful swipe of a fingertip, all BlackBerry 10 smartphone customers can now easily flow on over to a wide array of well-known and secure cloud storage and collaboration tools – Box and DropBox in particular.

Cloud file management in BlackBerry 10

With these tools, you can attach files from the cloud straight from the BlackBerry Hub, without needing to switch apps or leave your “compose” screen. There’s also the ability to press the “share” button (ie. when viewing a photo, file or video), and add that file directly into your cloud storage space. Using BlackBerry Balance, there is also the ability to see files from both your personal and work profile, if your work space is unlocked.

We’ve also designed it so that when you’re looking at content with File Manager, or when opening documents in Documents To Go, you can browse all of your cloud accounts too. Even your “recently used documents” include your latest cloud files!

For those who’ve already jumped on the cloud storage bandwagon – virtual high five! Points to you for your file-saving and sharing prowess. For those who have yet to experience the time-saving benefits, you are definitely going to appreciate why these tools have become so popular with the IT and business crowd. Using cloud storage apps like Box and DropBox means you can easily save, share and store files, all safely and securely in your own personal online file storage space. These tools allow you to virtually share your folders with friends, colleagues and business partners – no more need to exchange an old fashioned USB stick or be the culprit of sending the 20MB PowerPoint attachment that clogs up everyone’s inbox (queue collective sigh of relief).

At BlackBerry, we know our customers are powerful multi-taskers, always on the go with places to be and people to see. That’s why integrating cloud-based file sharing tools directly into our BlackBerry 10 platform was an easy decision. When drafting an email on your BlackBerry smartphone, having the ability to quickly flow over to your file management center and choose your file storage app of choice, is not only super convenient – but also a quick way to get stuff done. Through my testing of the file storage and sharing capabilities, I also quickly figured out that when drafting an email or document, all you have to do is click the attachment icon to add attachments – this happens instantly – straight from the cloud! Built on a core BlackBerry 10 cornerstone of removing the need for the old in-and-out paradigm, there was no need to switch between my file storage app and my email to add the attachment. Everything I needed to access to add my attachment was all at my fingertips by tapping the attachment icon!

I also prefer to travel without my laptop. With BlackBerry 10, I use cloud storage to simplify my life. By bringing my photos, docs, PowerPoints, spreadsheets and videos anywhere I go with my BlackBerry 10 smartphone, I can easily share my files wherever I am in the world. Last week, I was in a meeting and didn’t even need to bring my laptop to present a blog story idea to my colleagues. I was able to pull up my PowerPoint presentation via my cloud storage app of choice on my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. I quickly plugged in my micro HDMI cable, opened my cloud storage app and presented to everyone on our office projection screen – all from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

The possibilities are endless for staying organized with BlackBerry 10.

Have you tried out any of the file management apps mentioned in this blog post? If so, how has the experience been? Let me know by commenting below!

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