10 Ways BlackBerry 10 will Impact your Business for the Better: Part 2


The new BlackBerry 10 platform aims to improve mobility for both businesses and employees. Part 1 of this series discussed how BlackBerry 10 can help to improve businesses by meeting employee consumer demands and lowering costs, among other benefits. Here are 5 more business objectives that IT professionals will be able to achieve with BlackBerry 10.

Develop and deploy enterprise applications

With BlackBerry 10, you can take advantage of the best ecosystem for business app developers. In the weeks leading up to last month’s BlackBerry 10 launch, we saw an exciting acceleration of developer momentum culminating with the availability of key business apps. With BlackBerry 10, enterprise developers specifically have much to be excited about:

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Enterprise applications can be tailored to specific jobs and work processes within your company. Your business can deploy BlackBerry 10 applications for your employees through BlackBerry World for Work and manage them securely with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10).

Increase customer satisfaction

To keep customers satisfied, businesses must adopt an effective framework for internal communication. More specifically, customer-facing employees must have real-time access to critical information in order to accurately assist customers. With the new user experience of BlackBerry 10, your employees will be able to access information in an effective, intuitive manner. In addition, tools for the BlackBerry 10 platform such as HTML5 WebWorks make it easy to develop custom applications for customers to interact with your company.

Reduce staffing costs with global technical support

Are you familiar with BlackBerry Technical Support Services (BTSS)? It’s our global enterprise support program that provides businesses with affordable technical support directly from BlackBerry support experts. For BlackBerry 10, we’ve streamlined the program into three tiers – Basic, Advantage, and Premium – as well as offering BlackBerry 10 Readiness Services. With direct access to a Support Service Specialist as an option at the Advantage tier, you can reduce internal staffing costs while still equipping your business with the technical support you need.

Provide access to critical business information

Whether you are making a presentation, joining a meeting, or making a business decision, it is important to be prepared and well-informed. BlackBerry 10 provides hands-on access to industry news and other business content, mobilizing your workforce with tools to work effectively on the go. With the SAP applications that are coming to BlackBerry 10, your employees will be able to make informed decisions by accessing and interacting with the latest data available.

Simplify your IT manager’s job

Your IT manager faces a mobile landscape that is constantly evolving toward greater complexity. As demands from business users increase, your IT department will need to properly balance mobility and security needs. BlackBerry 10 introduces a mobile platform that meets both the consumer demands of business users and the security demands of IT departments. In addition, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10) simplifies your IT manager’s job with a single, unified platform to manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices securely.

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