Meet William (Bill) Archer: Our BlackBerry Business Fan of the Month!


Name: William (Bill) Archer

Occupation: VP Sales – Telecommunications Market (emphasis on Mobile/Wireless)

Twitter Account: @W_Archer

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself! (background, education, family, etc).

    I’m a proud Canadian, based in Vancouver. I travel frequently worldwide. I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for several years and really enjoy the ability to do what I do globally.

  2. Why are you a #TeamBlackBerry fan?
  3. I started my relationship with BlackBerry while living in the United Kingdom because I wanted a device (BlackBerry 7100) that could handle email. I didn’t want to be tied to my desk as I travel quite a bit. As a Canadian ex-pat, I also wanted to promote some of the best Canadian talent while working abroad. My relationship with BlackBerry really grew from there. Now it’s all about simply getting things done quickly and efficiently. “BlackBerry People Are Do-ers” is a reality that keeps me using the platform and recommending it. Since using my BlackBerry 7100 (which I still have), I’ve owned a BlackBerry Pearl 8100, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9800/9810, BlackBerry PlayBook 64 GB, and BlackBerry PlayBook LTE 32 GB.

  4. What’s your favorite BlackBerry app?
  5. I can’t pick just one. There are several apps I use regularly – mostly travel-related because of the amount of time I’m away from home. I really value BlackBerry Travel quite a bit. The built-in applications like Twitter are also helpful. In my opinion, foursquare has really evolved from a toy into something good to use daily. I also have OpenTable for quick reservations that I can share with clients when needed. World Clock, Xobni, XE and Roboform are also apps I use often. Oh – and “Dilbert” for good measure.

  6. How do you use your BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet for work?
  7. If it weren’t for my BlackBerry I would be stuck with my laptop and looking for a connection everywhere. The obvious benefits of a handheld device synchronized with my email, in addition to having all of my contact’s phone numbers and details, is priceless! I couple these smartphone benefits with my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – the ability to quickly present and augment discussions with diagrams and backing materials on my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet are valuable tools.

  8. What picture is your current BlackBerry wallpaper (and why)?
  9. I recently installed BeWeather (really nice application!) and it changes with the weather to show me how much rain we’re getting in Vancouver. I look forward to the bright yellow sunshine avatar, actually. Before the BeWeather app, I had a simple dark background because I like simplicity as a design theme.

  10. What’s your favourite BlackBerry smartphone model, and why?
  11. To be honest it’s a toss between my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and my BlackBerry Torch 9810. The keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is beautiful, but I want the large screen real estate of the BlackBerry Torch 9810. The slider aspect really makes it the best of both worlds. It’s one of the reasons I’m really curious about the full touch version of the BlackBerry 10 devices: If the typing experience is as good as Vivek Bhardwaj makes it seem, then perhaps I’ll finally convert to all-Touch (finally!).

  12. If a friend were in the market for a new smartphone and/or tablet, what would you say to convince them to join the BlackBerry family?
  13. There are a couple of things that come into play – although any device is a very personal thing! Your smartphone of choice will be with you more than anything else day in and day out. If you think about it – I would wager that most BlackBerry users have their phones near them more often than their eye glasses, significant other, and even their clothes… BlackBerry is for hyper-connected people that do things. People that multi-task like crazy and just want to get things done. Everything else is a distraction. My BlackBerry devices do everything I need them to do and their synchronization abilities are perfect for my lifestyle.

  14. What are the “Top 5” things you keep in your purse/briefcase/backpack at all times?
  15. My briefcase has a lot of strange stuff in it…I normally carry some currencies from where I travel, my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, a rapid-charger (for both my PlayBook tablet and my BlackBerry smartphone), my favourite pen and old-school paper pad (I like to doodle my presentations instead of ‘present’ them). Headphones for airplanes and my smartphone, too.

  16. What are some of your favourite blogs and websites that you visit often?
  17. There are three BlackBerry blogs I look to for information in order CrackBerry, BerryReview, and N4BB. On my BlackBerry devices CNN, BBC, Globe & Mail, National Post and CBC are all bookmarked. Twitter is an invaluable daily feed of news and information, too.

  18. Any interesting facts people would be surprised to know about you?
  19. I studied Music at University, not comp-sci or business. All this ‘high tech’ work I do is the other thing I did in parallel back then. However – I have kept up my music and do write and play still – as often as I can. I built a home studio last year with the ability to play and record.

    About Steph F.

    Steph has been with Research In Motion since January 2009, most recently as a Communications Advisor on the Corporate PR team. With experience within the RIM Customer Support Operations organization, the Office of the CIO and the Enterprise and Government Public Relations team, Steph enjoys being a part of all things BlackBerry. Steph engages daily with the BlackBerry For Business community, which gives her an opportunity to connect with enterprise business leaders online. An ink-slinger of the fussiest sort, Steph has experience supporting senior executives (personal correspondence, keynote appearances and media interviews) and event management (press conferences, product launches and trade shows). Outside the office, Steph is a self-proclaimed oenophile, globe trotter and foodie-in-training. She also loves westies and accountants.

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