BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Spotlight: Scalability


BES 10 Scalability

Many of our enterprise customers are upgrading to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 following the launch on January 23rd. This re-engineered enterprise mobility management solution provides the capabilities to manage and secure BlackBerry devices, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Today I’d like to share yet another reason large enterprises should upgrade from BlackBerry Enterprise Server to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10: Scalability.

From 2,000 devices to 15,000. All on a single server.

Large enterprises often deploy thousands of BlackBerry devices, which in the past has required a particular amount of servers and back-end infrastructure. With BlackBerry Enterprise Server, up to 2,000 devices could be supported on a single server. Today, with the updated BlackBerry Device Service component of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, up to 15,000 devices can be supported on a single server.

This dramatically increases the scalability of your infrastructure and allows more devices to run per server. Hardware costs are lowered, and ultimately you see a benefit in a decreased total cost of ownership. This is one of many reasons to begin planning and upgrading to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Get Started with the BlackBerry 10 Ready Program

To get started, check out the BlackBerry 10 Ready Program, which includes tools, resources, and offers to help you get up and running. Informational webcasts help fill in the blanks, and the Readiness Services provide you with the support that you need. Learn more at

Are you using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in your organization? Will you take advantage of the increased scalability? Share your experience so far in the comments below.

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