Meet Stephen deRusett – Our BlackBerry Business Fan of the Month!


Name: Stephen deRusett

Occupation: Sales

Twitter Account: @StephenBB81

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m 31 years old and married with two kids aged three and two. I attended Lakehead University for Software & Electrical Engineering, and wrestling (a sport I’m still involved in today as much as possible). I’m a first generation Canadian, both my parents are British born, though they met here.

I like trying new beers, wines and ciders. Whenever the opportunity arises, if I find a meal at a restaurant I enjoy, I go home and try to recreate it and add my own touches. My wife says I like shiny things and blinking lights which I guess draws me to my BlackBerry!

Why are you a #TeamBlackBerry fan?

I’m a #TeamBlackBerry fan because of the community. When I was first given a BlackBerry in 2008 (a BlackBerry Curve 8330), I didn’t want it. I went to the Internet to find all that was wrong with it so I would tell my employer to take it back. The community and the device proved to be amazing and helpful. I ended up purchasing my first personal BlackBerry Tour on July 9th 2009.

What’s your favorite BlackBerry app?

I really don’t have a “favorite app” – I’m not an app junky. I like BlackBerry Travel, BBM and Twitter. But, if I was to be asked about my favourite BlackBerry 10 features, I would say the universal message box, now dubbed the “BlackBerry Hub” on BlackBerry 10 and autotext/word substitution.

How do you use your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for work?

I work out of my car traveling around Ontario. Every day I log what I am doing in memo pad and then email it off to my assistant to be entered into our call reporting software. Autotext is also a life saver. I often email one of three large paragraphs out of a feature list. Using the autotext feature, I can generate a few hundred words in seconds. I also often use my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to bridge to my BlackBerry 9900. I use “open on PlayBook” to view new flyers that I am sent to critique, instead of waiting until I can boot up one of my laptops

What picture is your current BlackBerry wallpaper, and why?

My BlackBerry 9900 wallpaper is this fan created BlackBerry wallpaper I just love it, I like the dark theme (mind you I don’t spend much time ever seeing the wallpaper!).

My BlackBerry Z10 wallpaper is the first picture I took with my Z10 on Jan 30th – I just thought it looked cool!

What’s your favorite BlackBerry smartphone model, and why?

This is HARD to say, but I think the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is my favorite all time model. I have to give honorable mention to the BlackBerry 8330, that device was a beast and just kept going and going and was comfortable to type on.

If a friend were in the market for a new smartphone and/or tablet, what would you say to convince them to join the BlackBerry family?

I always show BlackBerry Messenger and the universal message box. I talk about autotext and with BlackBerry 7 and earlier devices BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is a BIG conversation point, especially as Canadians we tend to leave our own country to travel and compression is a big dollar saver. The beauty of BlackBerry is you aren’t forced into one form factor, people can choose the BlackBerry Pearl, the BlackBerry Bold, the BlackBerry Torch or the BlackBerry Z10. You have a full range because one phone isn’t right for everyone – heck I carry 2 or 3 phones at any given time!

What are the “Top 5” things you keep in your briefcase or backpack at all times?

  • MyChargePeak6000 – Battery pack with enough juice to charge all my phones/tablets when away from a power outlet
  • GridIT – a grid board I use to hold 4-6 various cables, a mouse, business cards, etc
  • Laptop – either my Lenovo T520 or X220 (sometimes both)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook – Before I got the BlackBerry Z10 my PlayBook lived in my pocket, now it lives in my laptop bag
  • Product information folder- I always have product information with me – vacation or working- you never know when an opportunity will present itself!

What are some of your favorite blogs and websites that you visit often?

I visit N4BB, Seeking Alpha, LinkedIn, LibriVox and Huffington Post. I also visit the various Inside BlackBerry blogs (Inside BlackBerry for Business, Inside BlackBerry Developers and Inside BlackBerry Help) and spend a lot of time on Twitter!

Any interesting facts people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a foodie who loves trying new things, YET I also LOVE McDonalds. Those two things don’t usually go together, but I could eat McDonalds every day – and, for a month in University I DID!

Also, I’m a sales guy who doesn’t like golf. If I can find a way to NOT go golfing I will. The only golf course I’ve played a full round on has been Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

Thanks for joining us Stephen!

About Steph F.

Steph has been with Research In Motion since January 2009, most recently as a Communications Advisor on the Corporate PR team. With experience within the RIM Customer Support Operations organization, the Office of the CIO and the Enterprise and Government Public Relations team, Steph enjoys being a part of all things BlackBerry. Steph engages daily with the BlackBerry For Business community, which gives her an opportunity to connect with enterprise business leaders online. An ink-slinger of the fussiest sort, Steph has experience supporting senior executives (personal correspondence, keynote appearances and media interviews) and event management (press conferences, product launches and trade shows). Outside the office, Steph is a self-proclaimed oenophile, globe trotter and foodie-in-training. She also loves westies and accountants.

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