Getting to Yes: How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Experience BlackBerry Live 2013


There are countless reasons for you to attend BlackBerry Live, and this year more than ever! But I know that many of you are looking to have your company send you as a representative, and that this takes a business case and solid reasoning. We’re here to help. Read on for tips on how to convince your boss to let you experience BlackBerry Live 2013!

  1. The mobile and MDM landscape is more complex than ever. Learn about industry trends and how you can solve challenges – and what the benefits are of a mobile strategy.
  2. Mobility can be leveraged by a business to increase productivity, automate processes, drive down risks and inaccuracies, increase efficiency by allowing employees to be connected, and open up the world of enterprise apps. Coming back with ideas, tools, and resources to increase the return on investment that your company has made in mobility, and to suggest new ideas, makes the trip well worth it. See what an attendee of last year’s conference had to say:

    “Technology is what drives our business, we have a passion for it and BlackBerry World [BlackBerry Live] gives us a glimpse into that future. For us it’s a platform to build upon, to engage with like-minded people and test theories and ideas which in turn help us to shape our business strategy.”

  3. Managing multiple platforms, smartphones, and tablets doesn’t need to be costly or insecure. Learn more about how to enable your IT department to confidently support what’s being brought into work.
  4. Sure, “BYOD” is a buzzword being thrown around left and right. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a real challenge that businesses are facing – or an opportunity, depending on how you look at it. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides secure and functional management of a wide range of mobile devices, and all from a single unified console. Heading to BlackBerry Live to get hands on with the solutions and hear from BlackBerry experts helps you to come back with insightful answers to solve your BYOD challenges, or to take advantage of the BYOD trend to enable your business’s productivity.

  5. The sessions rock. Seriously. Learn more about solutions for your particular industry, find partnership opportunities, and get a glimpse into the future of mobile computing.
  6. Every business wants to stay ahead of the curve as well as be both scalable and ready for challenges that are coming around the corner as we continue into 2013 and beyond. The BlackBerry Live sessions hold serious in-depth value and should be a major part of your proposal. Find opportunities to grow your business and see where mobility and your industry are headed. Check out the session tracks to call out specific areas that are valuable to your business or industry. The session catalog will be posted in detail shortly, and will be updated as we approach May 2013.

  7. Need proof points? Here are some quotes and survey results from past attendees.
  8. We’re constantly measuring and tweaking the BlackBerry Live conference, content, run-of-show, and so much more – all towards the goal of providing the most relevant and valuable experience possible for attendees. Here’s what we heard from last year’s conference:

    “A great forum to meet and discuss [with] enterprise mobility professionals”

    “Having access to senior and also technical people from RIM [BlackBerry] is a major reason I come to this event. No other platform does this as well.”

    “BlackBerry World [BlackBerry Live] keeps us up to date and allows us to keep our customers informed.”

    “I can use this event to better build my organization’s strategy.”

    To add to the outstanding feedback that we received, over 91% of respondents noted that the session catalog covered topics that they wanted to hear about. The majority of attendees also stated that the conference increased their knowledge of BlackBerry products and services, rated the overall experience as “excellent”, and would attend again as well as recommend the conference to a colleague.

  9. There’s a ton of buzz around BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Find out what it’s all about, get hands-on experience, and see where BlackBerry is headed.
  10. BlackBerry 10 is re-invented, re-engineered, and launching in market after market around the world. The feedback has been fantastic and we’re already seeing businesses leverage this new mobile computing platform in amazing ways. Find out what all of the buzz is about, get hands-on experience with the smartphones and tools, and learn about our vision for the future of mobile computing and enterprise mobility.

  11. We’ve built a budget planner for you
  12. On the BlackBerry Live web site you’ll find a budget planning tool that walks through your registration, hotel, training, airfare, transportation, and packages to help give you a clear look at your overall costs. Use this to bring specifics to your internal conversations as the investment that you’ll be making. The tool even creates a PDF that you can attach to an email – makes you look pretty good if you ask me!

  13. And finally, here’s a sample email to start you off!
  14. Hi (boss),

    In looking for ways to help fine tune our mobile strategy, I’ve identified an opportunity to attend BlackBerry Live 2013 – the largest BlackBerry enterprise mobility conference of the year. The session tracks look relevant to our work and industry, there may be partnership opportunities, and it’s a chance to get ahead to look at where we’re headed in the future when it comes to enterprise mobility management. Here are a few ways that I think we’d see a return on the investment:

    • We’ll get a head start on industry trends when it comes to mobility, and a look at the tools that can help us stay sharp, secure, and productive
    • By networking, discussing, and meeting with my peers, I can gain insights into the challenges that others are facing and how they’re tackling them in their organizations
    • We can better leverage our existing investments in BlackBerry solutions and look to identify new ways to increase productivity
    • New partnership opportunities can help us to grow the business and identify efficiencies with our vendors

    If we register before March 22nd, we’ll save 25% of the cost. Additional details can be found here. I’m more than happy to expand on the benefits or discuss further.

Get all of the details at What are your tips to help others convince their boss to send them to BlackBerry Live 2013? What was the most valuable benefit of last year’s conference? Share in the comments below!

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