BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Updates on the Way: Secure Work Space Preview for iOS and Android


Secure Work Space for iOS and Android

We’ve briefly mentioned a few of our future plans for BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in the past, but today we’d like to share a preview of how secure enterprise mobility management is growing and evolving to meet the needs of businesses worldwide with Secure Work Space for iOS and Android devices. BlackBerry has and continues to be the only choice for enterprises with security, functionality, and collaborative mobile strategies in mind. As needs evolve and IT departments face an ever-growing variety of devices being brought into the workplace, we’re building our solutions to match your needs and priorities.

BlackBerry security capabilities for data-at-rest and data-in-transit will soon be extended to iOS and Android devices; both for smartphones and tablets. A separate and secure work space will hold corporate apps, work email, calendar, contacts, and more. Administrators can configure, secure, wipe, and interact with the Secure Work Space, while employees can enjoy a work and personal experience on a single device. Check out just a few of the benefits:

  • Trusted BlackBerry security extended to iOS and Android
  • No need for an expensive VPN infrastructure to secure data in transit
  • Third party MDM providers and multiple vendors aren’t required – we’ve designed Secure Work Space to be managed by BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 from a single console
  • Deployment is straightforward, with all components on a single server
  • Global and flexible technical support is available for all aspects of the solution, even further reducing the need for multiple IT and mobility vendors

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android devices allows businesses to meet the needs (and pressures) of employees with the trusted legacy of BlackBerry security applied. Additionally, considerable effort and expense is saved as no expensive and complex VPN infrastructure is required. You’re provided with one vendor who has designed the Secure Work Space solution, the industry-leading security standards, the enterprise mobility management solution, and who provides global technical support at flexible tiers.

Closed beta testing for Secure Work Space on iOS and Android devices is already underway. General availability will be offered by the end of the second quarter, calendar year 2013. We’re excited to share many more details at our BlackBerry Live conference in May 2013.

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