BlackBerry Live 2013 Attendees Share Excitement for the Future of BlackBerry [VIDEO]


BlackBerry Live

There’s always significant anticipation for the BlackBerry Live keynote general session , and this year was no different as attendees, partners, customers, and developers were able to experience the vision for the future here at BlackBerry. App launches (including Skype for BlackBerry Z10 smartphones!), game demos, the launch of BBM Channels, a reinforced commitment to enterprise with an update of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the 10.1 software update for the BlackBerry Z10, a new entry-level BlackBerry 10 smartphone coming for select emerging markets, and the future of mobile computing stacked together to pack one serious punch.

We hit the floor of the Marriott World Center to get reactions from attendees on all of the news, launches, vision, and announcements. Check out the video below for details:

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

The most exciting element for me was all of the discussion around mobile computing. As a bit of a technology geek, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. What was your favorite part of the keynote general session? Share in the comments below.

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