Increase Productivity with Teleworking Capabilities from BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10


Mobile devices have transformed the workplace, allowing employees to communicate via phone, e-mail, video, the Internet, and other tools from virtually any location. This transformation has generated increasing popularity of working from home, or “teleworking.”

A number of businesses and government agencies have adopted telework initiatives to reduce costs, ensure continuity of operations, and minimize their carbon footprints. For example, participants in Arizona’s telework program drive an estimated 5.25 million fewer miles, generate 175,000 fewer pounds of air pollution and endure 181,000 fewer hours of stressful driving time per year. The United States Treasury Department saves an estimated $1 million annually on facilities costs though its telework program. Both BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 include capabilities that can help organizations make teleworking possible.

The new BlackBerry 10 platform is built for business, providing a range of features and applications that allow teleworkers to maintain constant communication with supervisors and colleagues. Consider BBM Video Chat and Screen Sharing on BlackBerry 10: the videoconferencing capabilities provide managers with face-to-face communications with teleworking employees, while screen sharing is integrated with Documents To Go for seamless collaboration. In addition, advanced collaboration apps such as BlackBerry Work Drives and Citrix WebEx Meetings, among other business apps, allow teleworkers to access business information and stay connected with colleagues on the go. These tools ensure that teleworkers have all the tools that they need to stay connected and work effectively, wherever they are.

While mobile access is crucial for teleworkers, it is equally important to ensure that their mobile experiences are secure and do not compromise information or data. Enterprise Mobility Management platforms such as BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 make managing a network of mobile devices simpler. BlackBerry Enterprise Service manages multiple device platforms, users, groups, applications, and policies from a single web-based interface. Learn more:

Organizations experimenting with teleworking will need to provide employees with the relevant tools while managing them in a simple, secure way. By doing so, they will enjoy the operational, cost-cutting and time-saving benefits that teleworking can offer.

What is your organization’s teleworking policy, and what devices and other tools are available for teleworking employees?

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