Bringing mobility to the office phone system – BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) 5.3 will extend to BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry MVS 5.3

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS) is designed to enable businesses to reduce their telephony costs by making or receiving office desk phone calls globally over mobile or Wi-Fi networks. It also affords employees the flexibility to be out of the office – yet still be connected – as they can be reachable from one number. With BlackBerry MVS you can also shift a live call from a mobile device to a desk phone, hand off calls between Wi-Fi and a mobile network, and so much more.

Today I’m happy to announce that BlackBerry MVS 5.3 server software is now available. The updated server supports BlackBerry 7 and prior devices in your business, and helps you prepare for the upcoming MVS client for BlackBerry 10. Here are some of the features of BlackBerry MVS 5.3:

Features for employees and end users

  • Move a call from a BlackBerry smartphone to a desk phone without disruption
  • Shift a call between Wi-Fi and a mobile network
  • Direct extension dialing from a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Be reachable from one number, and have both your smartphone and desk phone ring simultaneously with an incoming call
  • Call hold and call waiting

Features for administrators

  • A console to add/remove devices, manage schedules, and control features
  • Calls are securely setup through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5.02 or higher for BlackBerry 7 and prior smartphones
  • Integration with 3rd party call recording platforms
  • Support for multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (within the same domain)
  • Support for voice policies and call reporting
  • Routing calls through BlackBerry MVS lets the organization take advantage of least cost routing implementation

Note: BlackBerry MVS 5.3 requires BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1. To download BlackBerry MVS 5.3 server software, head over to The client for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is scheduled to become available later this summer.

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) Case Study: BlackBerry MVS provides enterprise voice capabilities critical to fast paced environment

University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB), the leading university teaching hospital in the UK and one of the largest acute care hospitals in the UK, treats over 700,00 patients yearly. Recently, UHB introduced BlackBerry MVS to bring enterprise voice to over 700 UHB employees.

BlackBerry MVS provided UHB with mobile coverage in its new flagship hospital, and drove more efficiency in the decision making processes where timely decisions matter.

See how BlackBerry MVS was the ideal solution for UHB to integrate their Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) telephony system into their BlackBerry devices to introduce Wi-Fi based calling to their organization, solving the problem of limited cellular network coverage within the hospital. Learn the benefit of how BlackBerry helps UHB deliver mobility around Unified Communications

[ YouTube link for mobile viewing ]

Head over to to learn more about BlackBerry MVS 5.3, get an in-depth overview of key features, view more success stories, and access additional collateral including briefs, getting started tutorials and support resources.

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