Stay Organized and Productive with the File Manager on BlackBerry 10


The File Manager app on a smartphone is often overlooked as being a simple utility. However, in the case of BlackBerry 10, it’s a real powerhouse loaded with fantastic functionality. When we work on the move, it’s critical to have the ability to download, modify, and organize files. This native BlackBerry app lets you access and manage multiple sources of content through a single, simple-to-use interface. Check out the video below to learn more about the File Manager on BlackBerry 10:

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When your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is managed by BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, File Manager becomes an invaluable tool no business should be without. You can use BlackBerry Work Drives to map a network drive to your device’s File Manager, allowing you to browse and interact with files on your corporate drives.

This app allows for seamless access and transfer of files that are externally or internally stored on your BlackBerry device, as well as files managed by Dropbox or your business’ server. This mix of offline and online storage means you can create, edit, save and transfer any kind of office document while on the go, from the comfort of your device. And with BES 10 you can be sure that your content will remain protected and secure.

How do you use the File Manager on BlackBerry 10? Share in the comments below.

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