Case Study: Canadian Diabetes Association Saves Costs by Switching to BlackBerry-Only Solution

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The BYOD–bring your own device–trend has been taking the IT world by storm as of late, and we’ve spoken before about why BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions are a great way for organizations to adapt. So we were interested to hear that the Canadian Diabetes Association, a 50-year-old non-profit with 350 employees and 20,000 volunteers, was switching from a long-standing BYOD policy to a corporate-owned BlackBerry policy.

Nigel Carpenter, the Chief Information Officer at the CDA explained that when they truly compared BYOD to a centralized approach, they found that having employees bring their own devices was actually costing more. “By centralizing our BlackBerry solution, we realized this move would bring us tremendous cost savings. We estimate that the CDA will save as much as $250,000 over years; that includes data costs, long distance savings, hardware upgrades and paying to end contracts early,” Carpenter said.

While the CDA evaluated several other platforms, they landed on BlackBerry smartphones and enterprise solutions for simplicity and security. As Carpenter explained, “With BlackBerry, being able to send out an upgrade to our fleet of devices over-the-air is a real plus. Not to mention, the added control of being able to remotely wipe or disable a device if it’s lost or stolen. The BlackBerry platform meets the high security and privacy standards that the CDA has established as an organization.”

Carpenter plans to migrate the entire organization to BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform soon to take advantage of Balance technology. “As a CIO, it’s a very positive thing to be able to separate personal information from work data, all on one smartphone,” he said. The CDA even hopes to have its truck drivers using BlackBerry smartphones to manage pick-ups and route management.

The CDA’s employees are happy as well. “When we migrated our users over to the BlackBerry solution,” Carpenter said, “I asked them to show me anything they couldn’t do that they were already doing on their previous device. It’s not a hard sell once they begin using the BlackBerry device.”

Accountability is the bottom line for a non-profit like the CDA, and BlackBerry’s ability to help meet that goal was key in Carpenter’s decision to switch to the BlackBerry-only policy. “The BlackBerry solution is helping us maintain fiscal responsibility—which is a key part of our commitment to donor accountability as an organization,” he said. “BlackBerry technology gives us everything we need in a mobile solution.”

Is your business BYOD-friendly, or do you have a company-issued smartphone? Which policy do you think makes more sense? Let us know in the comments.

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