Smarter Apps Talks IT Service Management from Mobile Devices with the IT Manager App for BlackBerry 10





There are many examples of industries, tasks, and job functions that are becoming more and more accessible from mobile devices. One of our all-time favorites is IT administration – even of mobile devices themselves, handled using an app. Paul Dumais, Director of Smarter Apps, has joined us today to chat about his IT Manager solution for BlackBerry 10 that allows IT Admins to get their work done on the go. Check out the full interview below:

Biz Blog: Hi Paul, thanks for joining us today – hope you’ve been well since BlackBerry Live! Can you give me a high level overview of your IT Manager app and what it sets out to accomplish?

Paul: The IT Manager app is an app to mobilize IT Administrators and to allow them to perform their network and server administration roles using their BlackBerry smartphone. A BlackBerry is a great tool for receiving a call, email, text, or BBM message indicating that there is problem with your network; having IT Manager installed on that same BlackBerry allows the IT Administrator to fix the problem as soon as they become aware of it. The business benefits are simple: IT Administrators are more productive because they can be mobile and still fix problems immediately. End users are happier because their request to IT can be addressed sooner. And companies save money by reducing costly network and employee downtime. Enabling IT Administrators to respond sooner is a win for everyone.




Biz Blog: You recently mentioned a few exciting new features that have been added to IT Manager. Can you outline what these are?

Paul: We had a very positive reaction to the initial version of IT Manager that focused on BES Administration. We met lots of great companies at BlackBerry Live who suggested improvements and we found that the most requested features were SSH/Telnet, VNC and Apple Remote Desktop. We have been working very hard since BlackBerry Live and the version which we just released on BlackBerry 10 has all of these features today.



Biz Blog: What’s next for IT Manager? What’s next for the trend of IT administration from mobile devices?

Paul: Our development team is actively building RDP and VMWare support for BB10 and we hope to have those features released in mid to late August. We are also very excited to be one of the companies sponsoring VMWorld in late August and we will be there demonstrating VMWare administration from BlackBerry 10 devices.

We don’t anticipate anything but acceleration in the field of network/server administration from a mobile device. Enterprises are under pressure to mobilize their business processes to make them more responsive, IT Departments are under pressure to reduce response times and eliminate network downtime to save money. Mobilizing the support functions of the IT Department makes great economic sense for enterprises and their IT Departments.

Biz Blog: Where would I go to find out more and to download IT Manager?

Paul: If you want more information, you can visit the IT Manager website here: You can also download a free 7-day trial of IT Manager from BlackBerry World.

Thanks for joining us, Paul!

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