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It’s hard to deny that mobility is the biggest trend in tech these days. 87 percent of the world’s population now owns mobile phones, with 1.2 billion people using their devices to get online. By 2015, mobile web is expected to surpass PC internet access. With this in mind, it’s time for business to ensure they’re delivering a seamless mobile customer experience, and luckily our Better Business Hub has a few pointers:

    1. The rise of mobile

The increase of mobile use has led to 37 percent of US consumer being categorized as “always addressable customers,” meaning they own and use at least three connected devices and go online multiple times a day from different locations. They expect a seamless experience regardless of the device they’re using. Business need to make sure their mobile strategies ensure quality user experiences across these multiple devices.

    1. The growing demands of the average consumer

It’s no longer acceptable for companies to have an excellent website but a poorly optimized mobile site or no social media presence. 85 percent of adults who have completed a mobile transaction in the past year expect the experience to be better than on a desktop computer. If companies don’t meet that expectation, the consequences can be severe: 63 percent of online adults would be less likely to buy from a company via other purchase channels if they had a problem conducting a mobile transaction. Therefore businesses need to focus on exceeding customer expectations by testing and optimizing websites on a regular basis. 57 percent of customers will leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load, and 74 percent will abandon a mobile site after waiting five seconds.

    1. Embracing mobile in your business

To succeed, business must deliver a mobile experience that has context and is relevant to what consumers want. A responsive site is a good start, but the key is to stand out from the competition with personalization. A standard app that doesn’t offer anything new is not going to help your business stand out–so focus on a customized mobile experience. In addition to driving mobile users to your site, business need to mobilize their communication channels to interact with and engage customers. BlackBerry’s BBM Channels, soon to be launched, is a great way for business to connect and communicate with customers and prospects directly from their mobile phones. Users will be able to engage by commenting on, liking, and sharing posts, as well as chatting 1:1 with the brand they’re following.

If you’d like to see some more ways your business can embrace and enhance its mobile customer experience, check out the original post over at the Better Business Hub. And be sure to let us know how your business is catering to mobile customers in the comments.

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