Escalate to a call or meeting from a mobile IM chat with just one tap: Enterprise Instant Messaging 3.1 on BlackBerry 10 is now available


BlackBerry Enterprise Instant Messaging allows your employees to continue their IM chat away from their desk with mobile apps for Microsoft Lync and IBM SameTime. Learn more about the new features of v3.1 and download the update today.


Exciting news today for everyone out there who uses the BlackBerry Enterprise Instant Messaging (Enterprise IM) service: today we’re happy to announce the 3.1 Service Pack, a free upgrade that comes with a slew of new features that all you IM’ers (and IT department staff) are going to love.

For a bit of background, BlackBerry Enterprise IM extends desktop instant messaging solutions including Microsoft® Lync™, Microsoft® Office Communications Server, and IBM® Sametime® to mobile employees, helping to optimize communication and collaboration with secure and real-time one-to-one and multi-party instant messaging. It’s a great way to make your IM conversations even more productive, and with the 3.1 Service Pack, BlackBerry Enterprise IM is becoming an even more robust tool for collaboration.


Without further ado, let’s walk through some of the new features of BlackBerry Enterprise IM v3.1:

  • Tap to Call within Enterprise IM Chat
    This is a simple but powerful feature that allows you to seamlessly transfer to a new mode of communication with colleagues. As great as Enterprise IM is, sometimes there’s no substitute for hashing something out over the phone. With the 3.1 Service Pack, you can now simply tap to call whomever you’re chatting with – without the need for dialing a number. Enterprise IM and phone integration means you’ll be taking care of business more quickly than ever before.
  • Invite to Meeting from Enterprise IM Chat
    This one is another incredibly handy feature that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. Have an IM conversation that needs to quickly move to a discussion? You can now send calendar invitations automatically to chat participants directly from your Enterprise IM conversation with an invitation that includes the chat discussion text that can be edited or augmented with additional information.
  • Enables federation & public IM connectivity
    Want to securely IM with your customers and partners? You can chat easily cross platform with colleagues, customers and partners as BlackBerry IM now enables federation and public IM connectivity – whether a federated partner like Microsoft Lync or a public IM providers like Skype – all from within the same client.
  • Avatar and Picture Support
    You’re not faceless on Enterprise IM any more. The 3.1 Service Pack brings avatar support to contact management, so even if you don’t remember that new co-worker’s name, you’ll recognize their face.
  • Displays Mobile Status
    Busy? Away from your desk? Available? You can now set a mobile status on your Enterprise IM profile, so your colleagues will know exactly when it’s a good—or not so good—time to contact you.

Note: BlackBerry Enterprise IM v3.1 requires BlackBerry 10.1 or higher handheld OS, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1 or higher, and BlackBerry Collaboration Service (BCS) 10.2. The client for BlackBerry smartphones can be downloaded from BlackBerry World. If you’re an employee hoping to go mobile with your IM, you’ll likely need a helping hand from IT to get up and running; but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

As you can see, we’re adding some fantastic new functionality with the free BlackBerry Enterprise IM 3.1 update for BlackBerry Enterprise Service or BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers. Enterprise IM is undoubtedly a productive and efficient way to conduct business, and with these upgrades we’re making a great tool even better. Which new Enterprise IM feature are you most excited about trying out? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @BlackBerry4Biz.

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