BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Takes Off in the U.K.; More than One Third of FTSE 100 Companies on Board


BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 first showed its face to the world on January 23rd, 2013. The preparation was extensive, with developers applying the finishing touches, roadmaps approved, and those of us in communications preparing our widespread attack on the media, social channels, and web sites. But what stood out for me was the clear energy that surrounded the launch; we as a company and as individuals were and still are absolutely passionate to the core about helping businesses solve challenges, and about designing the technology to help them do so.

Today I’d like to provide an exciting update on ways that enterprises are exploring how BES10 can help them tackle BYOD, security concerns, industry regulations, employee needs, and so much more – particularly in the United Kingdom.

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There’s no better time to plan for, test, and deploy a solution that seamlessly manages BlackBerry, iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. The multi-platform support is an important point; many of the businesses who are up and running with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, such as Rocco Forte, are using the solution to manage a fleet of Apple iPads, a full BYOD policy, or upgrading older smartphones to BlackBerry 10. Others that we’ve heard from include Clyde & Co., The Premier League, Hogg Robinson, and NHS Education Scotland.

The reasons for these businesses adopting BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 are simple. It could be the device, server, and network-level security, the ease of installation, and the support plans. Or the fact that there’s a 60-day free trial available, migration services to help you upgrade, promotions & offers, webcasts & training, and so much more. Head over to and to get up to speed.


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