BlackBerry Work Drives Updated: Access Enterprise Network Drives While Out of the Office



BlackBerry Work Drives is one of those hidden gems that makes BlackBerry 10 such a powerhouse for professionals. It’s something that I use every single day and allows me to remotely edit, save, and send documents from our network drives. Like many workers, I use multiple devices and computers to get things done. Network drives are a common IT response to help keep corporate data secure, backed up, and accessible; it’s a primary place in which I store my documents and work files. With BlackBerry Work Drives, I’m able to map my drives to the File Manager app on my BlackBerry Z30 smartphone, allowing me to access files, edit them using Documents To Go, and then save or send them as needed. And to the delight of those who are security-conscious, BlackBerry Work Drives leverages your BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 deployment for a secure connection, encryption, and compression.

With its latest maintenance release, BlackBerry Work Drives has gotten even better. Check out an overview of the new features included in this update:

  • Pin your files and folders in order to access them offline
  • Turn your legacy network drives into secure “cloud” storage repositories for your BlackBerry 10 enabled workforce
  • Automatically synchronize the latest changes that you’ve made to offline files
  • User controlled setting to choose the mobile network in addition to Wi-Fi as the method for file transfers and synchronization
  • Enhanced notifications now appear in the BlackBerry Hub as well as in the Work Drives application

Download the updated Work Drives app, or contact your IT administrator to have it provisioned to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Do you use network drives on a regular basis? How would mobile access to those files and folders help you be more productive? Share in the comments below.

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