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One of the great things about BlackBerry 10 is when developing a Webworks/Cordova or Native app is how simple it is to load that app on to your phone. You simply put your phone into development mode, then using either the Momentics IDE or the command line “blackberry-deploy” script, load your .bar file.


For Enterprise developers, this has not been so simple. Prior to OS 10.2, loading apps in this method always resulted in the app being placed in the personal space. With OS 10.2 and newer, you can now load to the work space, there are some caveats to be aware of though:

  • You must have the correct IT Policy allowing this
  • Your attached BES must be on 10.1.3 or newer
  • You must have the device active in the work space

If you come across an error like this…


It’s telling you that you can’t load applications from your computer (or IDE in this case) into the work space. Instead, you must contact your BES Admin and ask them to put the app up on BlackBerry world for Work, and then you can download it manually. Not the easiest way to build and test (and not that exciting for the BES Admin either!). The alternative, of managing your own private test BES isn’t any more appealing.

With the release of BES 10.1.3, a new policy is now available to enable 10.2 devices to enable development mode access to the work space.

Development Mode Access to Work Space

Specify whether development mode can be used to allow software development tools to connect to the work space on a BlackBerry device using a USB or Wi-Fi connection and install apps directly in the work space. If you set this rule to Allow, users can use software development tools to connect to the work space on a BlackBerry device and install apps directly in the work space. On BlackBerry Balance devices, this rule takes effect only if you set the Restrict Development Mode rule to No.

This will allow you to load an app (i.e. install directly from a computer) without having to deploy through the BES. You will also need to be on the latest BlackBerry OS 10.2, or above. In the image at the top, I deployed to my phone (already configured for development mode), over USB, and since my phone was in the work space, the app deployed there. YEAH!

See the documentation for more details on loading and debugging Native and WebWorks apps in the work space, also join the conversation on @BlackBerry4Biz

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