From GitHub to Production–Enterprise Applications in Minutes: Introduction


Editor’s Note: Today we’re publishing the introduction to our three-part series on developing enterprise applications for BlackBerry 10, written by Richard Balsewich and HyunJun Jung, both Senior Enterprise Developers at BlackBerry.

Creating BlackBerry 10 enterprise grade applications is not rocket science…unless you are literally working on embedded systems for rockets, because QNX runs those too. But most of us are stuck programming the same thing over and over, different language after different language, on platform after platform. And if you’re like me, an over-seasoned developer, then you have probably figured out that almost ALL applications can be deconstructed into five main parts.

  1. Clever User Interface
  2. Networking (ala Web Services)
  3. Data (Show and Save)
  4. Platform Features (BBM, Ads, Payments)
  5. Ecosystem Interaction (With Other things)

Each of these parts plays a vital role in your enterprise application, which has NO EXCUSE TO SUCK. BlackBerry 10 is one of the most open platforms which means you can find everything from API guides to full feature implementations you can beg, borrow or even steal from; you just need to know where to look. For that reason, I’ve created the three-part blog series entitled “From GitHub to Production”. The audience for this series would be your “new to native BlackBerry 10” developer or even the manager of a team of developers who wants to ensure their staff or contractors are not “over-estimating”. My three-part series is broken down follows:

  • Part 1: App Understood in 5 samples
  • Part 2: Sewing Samples Together
  • Part 3: Deploy to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 – and Beyond

Part 1 focuses on a compiled a list of sample projects that accomplish all of these 5 main application parts. So instead of your efforts starting out on the ground floor, it’s like starting on the 10th floor with the blueprints to the building. What does all that mean? That means you’ll be early to the building’s rooftop pool party!

Part 2 we go through the GitHub samples and the features you’ll need to focus on extracting. I think of this as the “hey that’s a cool feature…<code+paste> BOOM! Now my app does that too.” section. Going through this exercise will give you a good technique for tackling future features. Smart tip: check out the various language gurus’ repositories, they are like gold mines for open sourced techniques, features, and real problems solved.

Part 3 shows you the power of the BlackBerry 10 solution and the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Service. Not only is the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Service providing your application the behind the firewall access with zero coding, it also provides Application Management and easy distribution to your workforce. Most enterprise developers are well aware of this process, but for consumer developers it may be a sweet surprise.

The final result of the 3 parts series is a BlackBerry 10 application with a Carousel User Interface that invokes intranet sites for key enterprise tasks and deployed out to your organization’s workforce. The application contains some keys feature of the BlackBerry 10 platform: Invocation Framework and QSettings. The invocation framework is used to invoke the browser, cards, and even email. QSettings show you how to store user selections with a cool built in feature. So what does this masterpiece look like?




The blog series will be posted over the next few days, but following us on twitter: @BlackBerry4Biz will have you “in the know” before everyone else.

Have you tried this <code+paste> technique from any other GitHub repositories? Start the discussion by sharing any cool repositories you’ve used in your projects.

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