From GitHub to Production–Enterprise Applications in Minutes: Part Three


Editor’s Note: Today we present Part Three of our three-part series on developing enterprise applications for BlackBerry 10, written by Richard Balsewich and HyunJun Jung, both Senior Enterprise Developers at BlackBerry. Click for Part One and Part Two.

Welcome to Part 3!

So we have covered “App Understood in 5 samples”, “Sewing Samples Together”, and now it’s time for “Deploying to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10”. Congratulations on making it thus far! There will be no need to continue sitting on the edge of your seat, the finish line is upon us. Now it’s time to show you how to use BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to release your application to your community.

Luckily the BlackBerry Enterprise Service handles everything for you. All you need is your signed BAR file and a can-do attitude (well…maybe that and buy in from your BES Admin to allow you to deploy this to company). At a high-level, we will demonstrate this approach:

  • Login to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 console
  • Make Application Available to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
  • Add application to a Software Configuration
  • Verify install on device..boom done!

Login to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Step 1: Get logged into the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 BDS console. You will have to get the URL from your BES Administrator and access to be able to deploy software. Or if you’re smart, delegate this piece to him and point him to this blog post. Haha ☺

This is what the main console page looks like. The left navigation is your friend, and will use for the subsequent steps.


Make Application Available

Step 2: Make application available to BES 10. Did you know that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides a behind-the-firewall Corporate App Store? Yep. No need to publish your applications to a commercial store and hope non-employees don’t download your app and mess with it. Your organization’s application binaries remain behind the firewall and secure.

So for this part, using the left navigation go to Software->Applications->Add or Update Applications. This process will allow you to upload your BlackBerry Archive (BAR) file to the BES Server. Then you click next a few times until it says “Successful”.



Add Application to a Software Configuration & Verify

Step 3: Add application to software configuration. Could you imagine if you had to deploy the application on a per-user basis? Not only would that take forever, imagine if you had to do an update and repeat the process…and for multiple applications. Your BES administrator would quit!

Luckily the concept of Software Configurations exists, so you can assign individual users to a particular group and then deploy the application one time to that group. This makes software administration and management a breeze.

So for this part, using the left navigation go to Software->Applications->Manage Software Configurations. There you can add your application to the correct group and the BlackBerry Enterprise Service will handle the distribution for you to those users. Make sure you’re in that group so you can show off your hard work at next company meeting. Nothing beats self-promoting yourself to executives with a “Hey did you see this app on your device? Yeah I did that!”



So we’ve covered the creation of a clever user interface, networking, data, platform features, and ecosystem interaction – complete with samples that you can check out for yourself. Then we showed you how to “Sew Everything Together” from our GitHub repositories, and finally how to release your application using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. That concludes how you would release your application to your world. For the “Beyond” section of this blog, there’s a simple solution. Unleash your application to BlackBerry World, especially if the links you’re including can be accessed outside the firewall, or maybe change up the links to provide BlackBerry users with direct access to your most important public facing corporate links. Stay tuned, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @BlackBerry4Biz to stay in the know before everyone else.

What companies do you wish would provide direct web-links to their key offerings? Start the discussion by sharing in the comments below.

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