BlackBerry 10 “OTA” Installation URLs for BlackBerry World


So what do you do when you have an enterprise web based “application store” for legacy BlackBerry and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices which provide one unified OTA (Over The Air) install experience and now you need to add support for BlackBerry 10?

BlackBerry 10 has the feature rich BlackBerry World and BlackBerry World for Work application store experiences but does not support direct OTA deployments of applications.  So what do you do if you want to maintain the OTA install experience in order to avoid user discovery and training concerns?

This post will show you how you can solve this use case by building a BlackBerry 10 browser URL which provides deep linking capability to a specific application in your BlackBerry World for Work application store.  Once you have this URL you can easily add it to your enterprise web based application store for easy user access from BlackBerry 10.

There is only one key piece of information you will need to find for the specific application and that is the package-id.  BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 makes it easy to find this value…

1- Login to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 BAS console

2- Navigate under Software and then Applications clicking on Manage applications


3- Search for the application for which you want to find the package


4- Click on the Application name


5- You will be able to find the package-id under Application Information identified as the Application identifier


6- Copy the Application identifier from the web page for use in building the URL

Now that you have the Application identifier you just need to insert it into the proper URL format for BlackBerry World for Work which is

    entappworld://package/Application identifier

As an example if you wanted to provide a link to BlackBerry’s Work Drives application in your BES 10 environment the URL would be…


When the user clicks on this from within the BlackBerry 10 browser they will be brought directly to the associated application page allowing them to review the application information and then click download to perform the install.

If the package-id is not found in your BlackBerry World for Work enterprise store the user will be sent to the main page of the enterprise store.  If the URL is not taking you directly to the application page, please ensure that the application is properly published in your BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 environment.

This will provide you with an OTA experience while maintain the manageability and security you expect from BlackBerry enterprise solutions.

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