One Winner in Amsterdam at SAP TechEd Conference InnoJam/DemoJam


SAP wrapped-up another successful TechEd conference in Europe, attracting an impressive audience and garnering interest from developers across the globe over the course of a few days from November 5 – 7, 2013. If you’ve been following our recent posts on SAP TechEd events, then you probably remember that BlackBerry was a sponsor in Las Vegas and know that we were also involved in this most recent Amsterdam event.

The SAP TechEd conferences are premier forums for developers IT architects and administrators, offering more than 800 hours of technical training on SAP technology for in-memory computing, enterprise mobility, analytics, database and the cloud.

BlackBerry Z30 App Leads Pre-Conference Competition

During the Amsterdam conference, attendees had the unique opportunity to team up with BlackBerry Senior Enterprise Developers to learn best practices for app development. They also had the opportunity to build and demo SAP apps in front of their peers using the new Blackberry Z30 device, one of the best on the market for HTML5 development.

The conference kicked-off with the InnoJam pre-event, where seven teams faced different medical challenges in a session called, “Me, My Health and The Medicine – Empowering You and Your Doctor to Make Better Decisions about Your Health.” Each team had 30 hours to deliver and demo an effective app concept to the attending group, aligned with their medical challenge. And one team in particular took full advantage of the BlackBerry resources to do so.

Working closely with senior BlackBerry developers Sharif Penniman and Dennis Reumer, CloudSitter demoed the winning app, which addresses death in prematurely born infants by allowing parents to monitor their child’s vital bodily functions during sleep. The app was built using SAP Hana, OData and UI5 on a BlackBerry Z30 device and gave CloudSitter bragging rights as the winners of InnoJam, and an invitation to SAP TechEd’s DemoJam – the ultimate developer competition.

Another Win at DemoJam for the BlackBerry Z30 App

Led by Matthew Riches and Uwe Haneke, the CloudSitter team went on to present their prototype to a panel of judges and audience of over 5,000 live viewers on day two of the conference. Up against five other teams that had been preparing for months after a rigorous application process to participate in DemoJam, CloudSitter proved themselves in a big way at the premiere forum and secured the win. The unprecedented upset concluded the first time in SAP TechEd history that a team won at both InnoJam and DemoJam. You can check out more information on the other 2013 finalists and their applications here.

SAP TechEd Conference in Amsterdam Comes to a Close

From our perspective, it was a solid developer event that showcased the limitless possibilities guiding the future of enterprise application development, as well as the viability of the BlackBerry Z30 as a competitive platform. Of course, we were extremely excited to play a role in the making of SAP TechEd history and congratulate the CloudSitter team for executing their innovative concept, as well as the senior BlackBerry developers on-site for their strong support and guidance that facilitated the memorable experience. See below for more on the innovative app that captured the win at InnoJam and DemoJam.

CloudSitter (Winner at InnoJam and DemoJam)


Prematurely born infants have a high chance of complications, one of which is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). CloudSitter allows parents to monitor vital body functions of their children during sleep using wearable sensors. The application transfers data to the SAP HANA Cloud where it is compared against reference data of healthy infants. Parents then receive information about these health indicators on their mobile device, including alerts when something turns to the worse. CloudSitter can also collect the data for large scale sampling and historical analysis, enabling predictions of future developments of an infant’s health.

Because of the connection of human and technical aspects, it is both a human solution (reducing SIDS fatalities), as well as an economic solution (reducing the amount of false-alarm visits to a doctor). It might also be possible to detect patterns and analyze long-term global development of the syndrome.

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