#EMMRealities–Here’s the Recap of our Tweet Chat with Industry Analyst Rob Enderle


This past Tuesday December 10th, we hosted our first #EMMRealities Twitter chat. We were very excited to welcome industry analyst Rob Enderle, who fielded questions from participants about bring your own device (BYOD). It was great to see Rob interact with the Twitter community about BYOD best practices, challenges, and what the future holds. The chat was a huge success because of the insights that participants shared.

I want to personally thank everyone who participated in this event and welcome more than 300 new followers to our community!

The chat focused on the challenges and realities of implementing BYOD in an enterprise environment, as well as key considerations that any IT manager or CIO needs to take into account when considering implementing a BYOD policy.

I want to share some of my favorite answers to a few of the questions, but I encourage each of you to search the hashtag and check out the full chat again. With so much engagement there’s a lot of insightful tweets and conversation tidbits to check out.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. It is really encouraging for us to see that the mobility management community has such a strong presence on Twitter. We look forward to engaging with you more down the line and sharing more best practices around enterprise mobility management, so stay tuned.

Does your organization need a BYOD policy? What are the challenges?

Is security ever just “good enough,” especially when it comes to BYOD?

What is the importance of having a balance between work and personal profiles in a BYOD environment?

How can you meet the demands of every audience–end user, ITDM, and the CIO?

What are the critical costs associated in a BYOD environment?

Does a BYOD environment help or hinder knowledge creation in an enterprise?

As always we really look froward to your comments, feel free to share your thoughts below or get in touch with us @BlackBerry4Biz.

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