How to use Slideshare for better business


Slideshare is not just a platform for unwanted presentations: it is an effective platform for driving traffic and leads for your business. Discover how you can reap the benefits of Slideshare for your business.

Companies can no longer rely on video case studies, text-heavy PDF’s or 50-page whitepapers to form the basis of their marketing activity. In the world of online, visually appealing, digestible content that appeals to time-precious executives is what counts.

Enter Slideshare. The presentation-sharing platform enables users to upload visual presentations and has experienced a significant rise in the last few years, with an estimated 60 million monthly visitors, 3 billion slide views a month and almost 5 times more traffic from business owners than Twitter.

If you are new to Slideshare, read on to discover how the platform can help your business reap the rewards and turn simple presentations into exciting content.

1.   Tell a good story

No one wants to have to read through a 100-page presentation on Slideshare. In order for your presentation to truly stand out, embrace the art of storytelling. Base your presentation on a subject where you are an expert and include a start, middle and end, coupled with in-depth insights and statistics to reinforce your points. A good story can conquer all on Slideshare, as is evident by ‘Meet Dave’ by Slideshare CEO Rashmi Sinha’s, “Meet Dave” presentation, which has received over 1.7 million views.

Top Tip: Keep your copy hard hitting and your story to the point – the optimum presentation length on Slideshare is 19 slides, with an average number of 24 words per slide.

2.   Go visual

In addition to telling a story, you need to accompany your copy with strong visuals. A picture says a thousand words, so forego lots of text and opt for striking visuals that will really engage your audience. Focus on creating an engaging title slide – this will be the first page users see on Slideshare and will encourage them to view the entire presentation. This presentation: ‘5 big tips to becoming a presentation Jedi’ is a good example of how visuals can be effective on Slideshare.

Top Tip: Let the visuals do the talking – the most engaging Slideshares include an average of 37 images.

3. Take advantage of the benefits for search

Slideshare presentations have numerous search benefits, so as well as uploading your content to the platform, be sure to increase traffic by sharing on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To ensure your presentation is optimised for search, as well as Slideshare itself, be sure to include keyword-rich titles, descriptions and tags when uploading your presentation.

Top Tip: Due to LinkedIn owning Slideshare, there is a good level of integration with the platform, so be sure to link to your presentations from your company page on LinkedIn.

4. Generate leads for your business

Slideshare attracts 200% more executives from the C-Suite than Twitter, and the platform has taken notice of this with the introduction of lead generation forms, allowing companies to capture data with forms at the end of the presentation. Available on Slideshare Pro accounts, you can collect names, email addresses, company information, phone numbers, and specific information via custom questions. You also have the ability to sync the forms with your marketing automation software, syncing the names into your database in the process.

IT software company Achievers, saw Slideshare account for 77% of all incoming social media leads with the presentation below:

InSites Consulting, Expanding Their Brand Globally: SlideShare Case Study from SlideShare Content Marketing

Top Tip: In addition to including a lead generation form, be sure to hyperlink users to relevant pages of your website to continue their journey. You have the ability to hyperlink any slide on Slideshare, apart from the first 3 pages, where you are unable to insert a link.

Do you use Slideshare as part of your marketing efforts? Let us know your Slideshare top tips and comment below or tweet us @BlackBerry4Biz

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