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Author’s Note: This post is a contribution from Harpreet Gosal, Head of Engineering, MindLink Software. Visit MindLink to learn more about our partner as well as how to better leverage collaboration technologies.

We’ve always seen change as a necessary and important part of life. It is inevitable no matter how big or small the impact…after all it is a natural order, there is no escaping it… Change is good. Change drives innovation. It takes us forward.

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MindLink is changing at a rapid pace than ever before. We have been finding our feet, innovating and thinking about new creative ideas. Now we are where we want to be collaborating with some of the biggest brands and engaging with top-notch partners to develop the best collaboration platform available.

So you’re probably wondering how has MindLink changed?

  • Firstly, the company!

We have spent a lot of time and effort to get it right and we have discovered new ways to better service our customers and markets. We have top people in the game, a sound strategy & vision and the best tools to hand.

  • Secondly, the product! 

The product has changed significantly from a technological perspective and also from the business functional needs aspect. After months of burning the midnight oil, we have listened, learned and fine-tuned business processes to produce quality products that will make our customer’s lives better. Collaboration requirements keep evolving and so are we.

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So what about our MindLink & BlackBerry collaboration?!

1) MindLink’s latest evolutionary milestone

Some months ago, MindLink partnered with mobile communications giant BlackBerry in a collaborative effort to extend our MindLink Persistent Chat platform to work on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. (It already supports an array of previous BlackBerry models as well as iOS devices).

Reflecting on how well we have worked with the project team at BlackBerry, we really pushed forward the planning, design and support. With the power of bringing together our collective thoughts, simple communication and coordination, the project has been fluid and things have worked out more than smoothly.

The result is powerful…we just released a slick and polished MindLink client for BlackBerry 10. MindLink supports all new BlackBerry 10 clients which include the Q5, Q10, Z10 and the Z30.

The new client will have all the existing functionality from the MindLink mobile platform utilizing Microsoft’s OCS, Lync 2010 and 2013 messaging platform:

– Group and private messaging (IM & PChat)

– Features such as #hashtags, @mentions and critical IMs

– Mobile Device Management support

– Limited distractions due to notification of priority events only

 2)  And that’s not all….

The new MindLink client is fully compliant with BlackBerry’s latest BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 (BES 10) device management system. Managing devices, policies and application rollouts to handsets (BlackBerry, Android and iOS) has never been so easy. Accompanied with this powerful platform, enterprises will be able to rollout the new MindLink client to all BlackBerry 10 devices.

3)   Don’t go away just yet…there’s more…

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is hot news these days. In case you don’t know what MDM means, it’s basically a secure workspace which monitors, manages and supports applications distributed “over-the-air” onto mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

MindLink is fully functional and compliant with BlackBerry’s MDM system which means enterprises can now securely manage MindLink on all of their devices utilizing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES 10). We are talking BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile… BYOD/ CYOD all covered.

So… change is inevitable, and MindLink is embracing it, moving into a new dimension of opportunity, reaching out farther than before in its creativity, innovation and technology space. This is an exciting time for MindLink and for our customers.

Download the MindLink BlackBerry 10 client from BlackBerry World now!

How has mobilizing Lync or OCS made a difference to you and/or your organization? Share in the comments below.

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