For Regulated Industries: BES10 is the Thing!


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There’s a reason Hamlet has been the poster boy for procrastination for 400 years. Almost everyone can relate to dithering toward a deadline, putting off a decision until the pros and cons have been thoroughly weighed – and then re-weighed, repeatedly.

CIOs and other IT decision makers, especially those responsible for the mobility management strategies of highly secure and regulated organizations, have no doubt been doing a great deal of Hamlet channeling lately. Burdened by decisions freighted with long-term implications, CIOs across the globe are twisting up their insides in pursuit of the perfect enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.


For the past couple of years they’ve been auditioning a number of stop-gap solutions, postponing a long-term decision until they’ve put all the players through their paces to find the best balance of security, usability and affordability. But with the curtain quickly rising on the next act of the enterprise mobility evolution, CIOs at the world’s most security sensitive organizations are now under pressure to end their indecision.

The timing couldn’t have been better, then, for the release of Enterprise Mobility Management: A review of Total Cost of Ownership, an extensive five-year cost comparison of leading multi-platform EMM solutions by market research firm Strategy Analytics. A combination of comprehensive cost analysis and in-depth interviews with CIOs and other IT decision makers, the report removes all ambiguity around the optimal multi-platform EMM solution for government agencies and regulated businesses, including financial services, healthcare and public sector firms.

And the winner is…

For organizations with the strictest security and compliance requirements, the report concludes, BlackBerry’s BES10 is the market leader across multiple categories, including security, functionality and affordability.

“Overall, Strategy Analytics’ findings suggest that BlackBerry is a strong choice for companies seeking lowest cost of ownership, particularly when there is also a need for a high level of trusted security,”

says the report, which also identifies BlackBerry’s Corporate-Only, Business-Only (COBO) mobile management option as offering superior end-to-end performance in comparison to solutions from MobileIron and Good Technology, the only other EMM platforms Strategy Analytics considered for regulated organizations. The study also evaluates solutions from AirWatch (VMWare), Citrix and Fiberlink (IBM).

Committed to Regulated

While the TCO-focused report also identifies BES10 as the most affordable solution for commercial deployments, recognition of BlackBerry’s superiority in the regulated segment validates the commitment of the company’s new leadership to customers that have long relied on BlackBerry for market-leading mobile security, productivity, communications and collaboration solutions.

5 Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for EMM, MDM, Enterprise, BES

CIOs within these organizations are currently facing the spotlight’s glare. Line of business (LOB) leaders and even CEOs are looking toward IT to take the lead in composing long-term mobility strategies that will drive productivity throughout the workforce and boost the profitability and competitive positioning of the overall organization.

Strategy Analytics’ findings strongly suggest that BlackBerry offers a no-risk remedy to the stage fright many CIOs have been suffering since taking a leading role in their organizations’ enterprise mobility planning. Existing familiarity with the BES platform, coupled with BlackBerry receiving the report’s highest marks for security, functionality and affordability in regulated environments, are likely to quiet the nerves of even the most circumspect CIO.


Apples to Apples

Closer inspection of Strategy Analytics’ TCO evaluation provides additional peace of mind. Organization that transition from BES5 to BES10 will see operational costs dip well below $200,000 annually for the final three years of the proposed migration scenario, the TCO study projects. Under the same deployment model, which called for support for 3,000 mobile devices, Good Technology’s solution exceeds operational costs of $350,000 in each of the final three years of the theoretical migration. For MobileIron, the annual operational costs for the same period soar beyond $400,000, according to the report.

Going with BlackBerry for regulated environments turns out to be is an easy decision – even for a dithering Dane.

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As director of enterprise product marketing at BlackBerry for the past three years and with stints in M2M and managed mobility before that, I’ve seen just about every side of the mobile industry. Still, I’m constantly energized by the velocity with which innovation and ingenuity moves through this already hyper-caffeinated market. Speaking of caffeine, when I’m not working I’m exploring the streets and avenues of New York City, my adopted home, for the ultimate double espresso.

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