Forrester: Enterprises Seeking To Move off BlackBerry Should Rethink Their Strategy


MDM_EMM_BYOD_BES10As you know, we recently announced that we are opening the BlackBerry 10 operating system to enable mobile device management (MDM) companies such as AirWatch, Citrix, and IBM to manage BlackBerry 10 devices.

Following this announcement, senior analyst Tyler Shields of Forrester Research, Inc. wrote “Quick Take: S&R Pros Desperate To Ditch BlackBerry Should Rethink Their Strategy” that shares his reaction to and insight on the announcement. He writes, “Opening the hardware management API is a strong indicator that BlackBerry is serious about improved interoperability and increased flexibility with new product features.”[i]

Of course, staying with BlackBerry has its advantages. The Forrester report highlights three examples:

  • BlackBerry will remain a leader in the hardware security and device management arena. Security was baked into the BlackBerry devices and BES system at design time and will continue to add business value above and beyond the commoditized MDM components.
  • BlackBerry offers a robust MDM platform. The management platform available via BES10 is extremely robust with fine-grained controls that create a highly customizable solution. BlackBerry was MDM before anyone knew what MDM meant. It will continue to excel with feature set availability.
  • BlackBerry applies security controls at the application, operating system, and network layers. Security is a new area for MDM vendors as they look to advance beyond management-only offerings and progress into a more unified mobile security and management platform. BlackBerry already delivers this value proposition and will continue to add strength to the integrations under the leadership of John Chen.”[ii]

The MDM market is rapidly evolving, and BlackBerry is striving to meet changing needs and demands. Opening the BlackBerry 10 software was a natural next step in our enterprise strategy, but as Shields wrote in the report, it also demonstrates BlackBerry’s “renewed commitment to the enterprise.”[iii]

When considering the option to enable third-parties to manage BlackBerry 10 devices, we listened to the evolving needs of our customers and fans. IT leaders and technical professionals alike have been asking for the ability to manage BlackBerry devices with third-party tools. We’re happy to be at a place in our company’s evolution to respond to this request. As the BYOD trend continues to take hold in the enterprise, we wanted to ensure that our users have the flexibility to bring their BlackBerry devices into offices that may not necessarily use BES.

We are standing by our customers and highlighting our strength in the enterprise space, and are excited to take this next step in our transformation in enterprise mobility, delivering the most secure end-to-end technology that enables enterprises and individuals to maximize their productivity, communication, and collaboration.

[i] Forrester Research, “Quick Take: S&R Pros Desperate To Ditch BlackBerry Should Rethink Their Strategy,” by Tyler Shields, May 13, 2014, p. 1.

[ii] Shields, p. 2-3.

[iii] Shields, p. 1.

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