BlackBerry Gains Momentum in the UK – Law Firms Raise the Security Bar


Security considerations within the legal sector aren’t new however; recent security breaches within the Insurance sector have (yet) again brought security to the forefront of mobility strategy.

BlackBerry has a long standing legacy as one of the most secure enterprise mobility management platforms. Our presence within the legal sector requires no introduction, with over 74% of UK’s top 31 law firms using or evaluating BlackBerry solutions to provide their employees with end-to-end mobile security.

Legal, tax and auditing firms use BlackBerry solutions for either commercial or test purposes to ensure their devices are rigorously managed and follow regulated industry requirements.

Aiding Productivity for Top Law firms

International law firm, Taylor Vinters, strives to meet their client expectations for high productivity and responsiveness, despite employees working remotely. In order to meet client expectation and security demands of a regulated industry, Taylor Vinters worked with Appurity to install BES10 to manage a combination of BlackBerry 10 and non-BlackBerry devices.

Steve Sumner, Director of IT at Taylor Vinters explains:

“BlackBerry has provided us with highly scalable and robust mobility management solution”.


Clyde & Co., a global law firm with more than 1,400 employees, has deployed BES10 to migrate its existing 1,200 BlackBerry users to BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

Aaron Donaldson, 3rd Line Support Team Leader, Clyde & Co. discusses that “BES10 provides a single platform that facilitates the management and control of this, and other business-critical apps, in a consistent environment that meets our stringent security requirements.”


BlackBerry has been at the core of Clifford Chance’s enterprise mobility strategy for more than ten years. The firm’s investment in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 last year saw 1,600 employees issued with BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphones.

Security, Trust and Reputation

Before customers engage with a legal or accountancy firm, they look for someone they can trust, and look at the firm’s reputation. Given the nature of this industry, sensitive customer data is often passed between employees and multiple devices – it is therefore vital that this data is secure.

BlackBerry is the Gold standard in security, which means we can provide the legal and accounting industry with the freedom to access information on multiple devices, on the go, in a way that observes compliance standards and ensures highly sensitive client information is never compromised.


About Markus C. Mueller

After completing law school end of 2001 Markus C. Mueller founded ubitexx in Germany. Since then ubitexx had the largest enterprises in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as its customers. In Mobile Device Management ubitexx was marketleader in Germany. In May 2011 BlackBerry acquired ubitexx in order to expand its Mobile Device Management offering to other plattforms. Since then ubitexx is a 100% subsidiary of BlackBerry. As CEO at ubitexx he led strategy, business development and legal. Markus is a recognized expert of the mobile business market. Since the acquisition through BlackBerry he has supported the company as a Senior Director Strategic Partnerships, took over the Managing Director position for Germany in May 2013 and since February 2014 is Senior Vice President and Regional Managing Director Europe.

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