Twitter Chat featuring Tyler Shields – Live from BlackBerry Security Summit #BBSecurity


Tyler_Shields_SecurityOn Tuesday, July 29th we’ll be hosting #BBSecurity Twitter chat from 11-11.30am EST, live from BlackBerry Security Summit in New York. For this event, @BlackBerry4Biz invited Tyler Shields, Senior Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester Research, as a guest participant.

During the Twitter chat we will be discussing ‘Mobility Security Challenges for the Enterprise’. This discussion will include Tyler’s expert opinion on security threats faced by organizations, importance of protecting data, messaging requirements for enterprise, mobile app security and future trends.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, take a look at the “How To” guide below and our recommended best practices. Also, be sure to check out some of the highlights from our previous Twitter chat events!

Hope to see you there!

What is a Twitter chat?

Twitter chat is an online conversation that takes place among a group of people on Twitter about a specific topic of interest. A hashtag, created by adding the # symbol to the beginning of any word, is used to keep track of the conversation. In this case, we will use #BBSecurity to track the discussion. You’ll need a Twitter account to participate, if you don’t have one, you can sign up at

How do I participate?

We’ll be asking a list of questions from our @BlackBerry4Biz Twitter handle. Our guest Tyler Shields (@txs) – Senior Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester Research, regarded as one of the most influential Security and Risk experts in the world, will be responding to them. Tyler will be there on the day to answer your questions and help guide the conversation – but it’s up to you, the participants, to really get the chat going. Answer any of the questions that motivate you. If you have an opinion, a story, or advice, we want to hear from you! Twitter chats can become a great source of knowledge when people share their experiences.

Choosing the Right Tool to Track the Chat

You may want to choose a tool to help you keep track of the chat all in one stream. We recommend using TweetChat; we will set up a page to track our dialogue From this site, you will see the real time conversation of all tweets with #BBSecurity. If you are logged in with your personal Twitter account, you will also be able to post all of your tweets directly from the site. Another way to track the chat is by searching #BBSecurity in the search bar at the top of the Twitter homepage.

Before the chat:

  • Make sure to follow the host, @BlackBerry4Biz, since we’ll be asking most of the questions that you don’t want to miss!
  • For this chat, we also recommend following Tyler Shields (@txs).

During the chat:

  • Make sure you use the hashtag #BBSecurity in all of your tweets. That is how others will know that you are participating in the chat, and it will also allow your tweets to be aggregated into the chat stream.
  • We will be asking designated questions throughout the chat. Our questions will start with a “Q” and the question number. Question one, for example, will start with “Q1”. Our questions will also be IN ALL CAPS, so that they are easily distinguished from other tweets in your stream.
  • Remember that tweets are only 140 characters. If it seems a little difficult at first, don’t worry – all participants are condensing their thoughts too.
  • Be respectful of other participants and remember that all Twitter rules still apply. Differing opinions are always welcome, but express your feelings/opinion in a courteous manner, please.
  • Retweet great comments and engage with other participants.
  • Have fun!

After the chat:

  • If you still have more information to share or questions to ask, we’ll post a link to a discussion on the BlackBerry for Business LinkedIn group where you can continue the discussion.
  • Make sure to follow people you connected with or found interesting. Remember, your peers can also be your best resources.
  • Do remember to check the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog afterwards for a recap and highlights.
  • Keep following us on Twitter and our LinkedIn Company Page for updates and information on upcoming chats and events.
  • Stay in touch! We’re always here to help, so feel free to ask us questions.


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