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Ready to tackle BYOD (Bring your own device) and securely provide the apps that employees want for their company owned or personal devices? BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) is ready to provide the multi-platform device management (BlackBerry, iOS and Android) you need.

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a new containerization, application-wrapping and secure connectivity option that delivers a higher level of control and security to iOS and Android devices – all managed through the BES 10 administration console. With managed applications secured and separated from personal apps and data, you get enterprise-level security for browsing, viewing or editing attachments.

Watch this video to see Secure Work Space for iOS and Android in action.

Supported Apple App and Google Play store apps can now become trusted enterprise applications when running within the Secure Work Space.

With the introduction of a growing catalog of apps designed to be securely deployed with Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, users now have access to apps that offer SharePoint access, SAP support, Microsoft Lync integration and more. All secured on the device and via BlackBerry secure connectivity.

Available from Apple App Store or Google Play:

  • AccessToGo
  • AWForm
  • BigTinCan
  • Blend
  • Board Papers
  • Box
  • Breezy
  • Daily Notes + Tasks
  • Data4Enterprise
  • Encircle Claims
  • Ericom AccessToGo
  • Fliplet Viewer
  • Hand-e-pix
  • Hotelsnapper Hotel Search
  • iAnnotate Enterprise
  • iApproval 
  • ISEC7 Mobility for SAP
  • Kiteworks
  • Manupatra
  • Mapupatra BareActs
  • ManupatraCPC
  • Manupatra SupremeCourt 
  • mComet Manager
  • MindLink
  • Moxtra
  • MySmartKey
  • NoteShelf
  • OfficeSuite
  • Patrol Control
  • Pexip App
  • PushDox
  • Push2Mobile
  • Pronto Forms
  • SalesNOW
  • SignNow
  • SecureID
  • SmartExpense
  • SmartOrders
  • SmartWorks
  • SocialSites
  • Splashtop
  • Storage Made Easy
  • Swift MEAP
  • SystAG
  • Tapose
  • TITUS Mail
  • WatchDox
  • Webalo
  • WinZip

Applications available to be wrapped on a per customer basis

  • Cognos
  • FactSet
  • GigaTrust
  • Gessan Mobile
  • HipLink
  • Jabber IM
  • mCollections
  • mSales
  • Mobile Police Assist for Niche (MPANiche)
  • MPANiche Occurrence
  • miVEDIX
  • MPA Activity Report
  • MPA Vehicle Inspection
  • MPANiche Task
  • MPANiche Vehicle Search
  • MPA Eagle Advantage RMS
  • ODF Reader
  • Business Intelligence by Oracle
  • Worksite by HP Autonomy
  • Softec
  • Softec – Desktop Mate
  • Softec – Mobile Sales Orders

Learn more and get download links for the latest releases for Secure Work Space Applications for iOS and Android:





  • Description: SystAGfiles works with your current login credentials – no need to change settings and configuration for the application –  to provide network sharing and SharePoint access while on the go.








  • Description: Deliver push content to mobile devices, with content defined by users, groups or individual according to need








  • Description: OfficeSuite lets you easily view, edit, and create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents all from the most feature-rich mobile office solution available for smartphones and tablets.

Download here





  • Description: kiteworks is designed for business and enterprise users who want to use secure file-sharing features within the enterprise workspaces. Enable workers to create, edit and share enterprise content securely wherever they are.








  • Description: Provides mobile workers with the ability to enrich records and incident reports with multimedia data (e.g. pictures, voice notes / dictation and text) and tracking information. Each item is securely time stamped, marked with a GPS location and automatically synchronized over the air to the office for integration with back office systems and workflows.






mComet Manager

  • Description: Full Featured Tracking, Job Order Dispatching, Employee/Supervisor Time Keeping Management. A versatile mobile management tool that provides ROI, saving on fuel & maintenance by optimizing routes, minimizing idle/stop time, setting boundaries & perimeters, and more.









  • Description: Write notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, fill forms, sign contracts, teach a class, make a presentation, keep a journal, etc. Organize, search, and personalize your digital shelf of unlimited notebooks.




Pronto forms


Pronto Forms

  • Description: The ProntoForms App enables mobile users to receive dispatched forms from the office, collect vital work data in the field and submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere and in real time.







  • Description: Webalo provides mobile access to enterprise applications from IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft,, other vendors, or in-house applications and gives mobile users access to the exact data and functions they need to whiz through tasks and workflows more productively.







  • Description: Apparound BLEND for SECTOR is a cloud-based mobile productivity suite for your sales team to optimize complex product selling and quotation processes.







Breezy for SECTOR

  • Description: Breezy for SECTOR makes mobile printing easy by giving users secure access to any company from any BYOD or corporate owned mobile device.
  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.






ISEC7 Mobility for SAP for SECTOR

  • Description:
    ISEC7 Mobility for SAP for SECTOR* provides secure mobile access to SAP® CRM, SAP® ERP and different SAP® Workflows for Sales, Service technicians and management.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices.







Fliplet Viewer for SECTOR

  • Description: Fliplet Viewer for SECTOR is an enterprise platform that allows you to quickly create and deploy as many apps as you want across your organization with no technical skills required.
  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.





Dialy Notes


Daily Notes + Tasks for SECTOR

  • Description: Daily Notes + Tasks for SECTOR is a lean and simple notes taking and task management app.
  • Android version not available.




Hand e pix


hand-e-pix for SECTOR

  • Description: hand-e-pix for SECTOR uses innovative technology within the latest mobile devices to capture and share photographs or video which are time and date stamped and geo-tagged.
  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.







MySmartKey for SECTOR

  • Description: MySmartKey for SECTOR communicates directly and securely with SmartSafe Vault over a local Wi-Fi network (SmartMode) to encrypt and decrypt files.
  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.







  • Description: SalesNOW CRM for SECTOR is a contact and deal management tool designed for the mobile sales professional to use.
  •  iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry Devices.





Sign Now


SignNow for SECTOR

  • Description: SignNow for SECTOR makes it easy to sign documents anywhere or get anyone’s signature without having to worry about printing, scanning, or faxing
  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.






Storage Made Easy for SECTOR 

  • Description: Sector SME Cloud File Manager is based on SME’s Android Cloud File Manager, which is the Android client for Storage Made Easy’s private Enterprise File Share and Sync Solution.
  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry Devices.







MindLink for SECTOR

  • Description: MindLink for SECTOR* is a collaboration platform that provides access to Presence, Instant Messaging and Persistent Group Chat leveraging Microsoft Lync™.
  • Android version not available.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices.





Splashtop for SECTOR

  • Description: Splashtop for SECTOR* is based on Splashtop Enterprise, which mobilizes corporate applications and desktops instantly. Splashtop for SECTOR is integrated with BlackBerry Secure Work Space to support BYOD.
  • iOS version not available.




Harmonie_BB10_MDM for SECTOR 

  • Description: for SECTOR* provides full-featured, enterprise-grade access to Office 365 and SharePoint, for document and social collaboration on the go.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices.








  • Description: Box for SECTOR* simplifies online file storage, replaces FTP and connects teams in online workspaces.
  • Android version available directly from AT&T, BlackBerry and Deutsche Telekom.
  • Also available on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices.






iAnnotate Enterprise for SECTOR

  • Description: Read. Markup. Share. iAnnotate turns your mobile device into a world-class productivity tool for reading, marking up, and sharing PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint files, and images. Designed for enterprise clients, iAnnotate Enterprise combines annotation features with configurable security options from an easy-to-use web based administration console.
  • Android version not available





EricommEricom AccessToGo for SECTOR
Description: Access your office PC and Windows apps (i.e. Word, Excel, Acrobat and other business applications) from Android 2.1 & higher devices, like Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 10 & Kindle Fire HDX with Ericom AccessToGo remote desktop client.

AWFormsAWForms for SECTOR
Description: Lose the paper and get digital with Advanced Wireless Forms’ mobile forms for your electronic devices, smartphones, pads and tablets. Compatible with both Mac and PC software Advanced Wireless Forms (AWF) helps you collect a wide variety of information through your wireless forms including digital signatures, photos, sketches, notes, barcodes, order information, invoices and more.

  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.

bigtincanbigtincan hub Secured for Sector
Description: bigtincan hub is a mobile content enablement app that makes mobile users more productive when accessing and working with any type of content on their iPhone or iPad. bigtincan hub provides an incredible user experience along with a unified set of productivity tools for creating, editing, annotating, sharing, and collaborating on content.

  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.


EncircleEncircle Claims for SECTOR
Description: Encircle Claims takes the pain out of contents adjusting. The intuitive interface allows insurance adjusters to efficiently photograph contents, create assets by tapping on the photos, annotate photo and text notes, search replacement information and pricing and export the claim all from their Android device.

  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.

HotelSnapperHotelsnapper Hotel Search for SECTOR
Description: Manage reservations for individuals in your company with the guest management feature. Enter each team member for whom you have booked a room and then assign each booking to an individual cost center. Easily export your entire reservation history to Excel. The Hotelsnapper app lets business customers manage their hotel reservations while mobile.

  • Android version not available.

iapprovaliApproval for SECTOR
Description: iApproval for SECTOR iPad Application is a next-generation creative and innovative application that provides an immensely intuitive approach for government officials and corporate executives to review and approve their correspondence while out of office.

  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.

MoxtraMoxtra for SECTOR

Description: Moxtra for SECTOR provides powerful interaction tools built upon a simple to use messaging interface. Starting with a conversation, you can escalate your messages to include on-demand content collection, rich annotations, voice-over recordings and instant ad-hoc online meetings.

  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.

PatrolControlPatrol Control for SECTOR
Description: Patrol Control reads tags to manage manned guarding services for security and vigilance services.


  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.


pexipPexip App for SECTOR

Description: The Pexip mobile application for Android provides conference participants with a consistent interface from which they can control conferences and view presentations, all from their own personal device.


  • iOS version coming soon to Apple App Store.

PushDoxPushDox for SECTOR

Description: Pushdox is a web-based application that allows an Administrator to distribute content (documents, videos, web links, etc.) to users based on user attributes


  • Android version not available.

Description: Swift MEAP is a fully functional and highly configurable app designed to run on your iPad or iPhone device enabling you to access enterprise data sources such as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft CRM, SQL databases and many more, while away from your office.

  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.

WinZipWinZip for SECTOR
Description: World’s #1 zip utility on iOS! Millions of user’s choice to working with compressed files.



  • Android version coming soon to Google Play.






  • Description: With GigaTrust  your entire user base can have the best of both worlds—the security of RMS technology and the convenience and mobility of using mobile devices to view, send and receive protected messages and view protected attachments.









mpaNicheiOS MPANiche Occurrence

Description: Native iOS and Android Occurrence search client. By number, date, type, address, involved person and officer, including reports.




MPANiche Task

  • Description: Native iOS and Android Task List. Per Officer, or per Unit. Start and complete tasks, approve or send for rework, plus all task details, including submitting reports.




MPANiche Vehicle Search

  • Description: Native iOS and Android Vehicle search client. Run plates, VINs, see Occurrence info, Registered Owners, and complete history.




MPA Eagle Advantage RMS

  • Description: Provides secure and reliable information to your agency, while multiple security levels control authorized user access, and continual audit trails protect against unauthorized access. Captured data meets all state and federal reporting requirements. And it’s easily expandable to meet long-term needs.





  • Description: Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is a framework solution for managing mobile workforce within manufacturing and service companies. It allows real time interaction between mobile employees and company information logging customer visits, reports and real time requests.

Contact us for more details


Jabber IM

Description: Cisco Jabber is a collaboration application that provides presence and instant messaging (IM) capabilities on iOS and Android devices with BES 10.

In the BES 12 timeframe, when UDP is supported via BES, Jabber voice, voice messaging, and video calling will become available. Users will be able to escalate Jabber calls into multi-party conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meetings.

Cisco applications are also available to be wrapped on a per customer basis – contact us for more information.


Description: Wireless text messaging software providing a paging solution for both Desktop and Application sending. Enables critical notifications and alert delivery.

HipLink applications are also available to be wrapped on a per customer basis – contact us for more information.


Mobile PoliceMobile Police Assist for Niche (MPANiche)
Description: Advanced cross-platform wireless solutions for mobile law enforcement. Mobile Police Assist (MPA) products help law enforcement personnel do their work faster, smarter and safer.
Mobile Police Assist for Niche (MPANiche) – extends the records management power of Niche RMS with mobile functionality on any smartphone or tablet. Running on Android, BB10, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows Mobile, MPANiche offers Standard Query interface for person, address, vehicle, and occurrence, it also provides unit and officer task lists, and start and end of shift checklists. Send email, prepare and submit general reports and intel – via keyboard or dictation. Simple to deploy, MPANiche is cost effective with a one-time, per user fee starting for as few as fifteen users.

MPANiche applications are also available to be wrapped on a per customer basis – contact us for more information.


Worksite HPWorksite by HP Autonomy

Description: WorkSite by HP Autonomy is simple to use, enables teams to work together securely from any location on any device and manages all documents and email.

Worksite applications are also available to be wrapped on a per customer basis – contact us for more information.

*Works with SECTOR-based enterprise workspaces including BlackBerry Secure Work Space.

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