Remember the 3 P’s When Going Mobile


Mobile devices are becoming a headache for consumers and IT managers alike. From data breaches to leaked photos and everyday issues with productivity, it’s difficult to decide which problem to tackle first. But one thing is for sure: “BlackBerry” has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue when looking at solutions to appease everyone for Privacy, Productivity and Protection.


A few months ago, CIO Magazine reported that mobile workers, in a revolt against company BYOD policies, were demanding their BlackBerry back.

Image-girl with phoneAccording to CIO, workers were concerned with how much of their personal information IT managers have access to. As a result, “maybe 60 percent of the people requested to go back to a BlackBerry and carry two devices.”

While IT managers were shocked, they could understand where their workers were coming from.

“The problem is that iPhones are consumer devices never designed for the enterprise. The iPhone was meant for just the user, not a user and an admin. So when an admin has access to a device, the admin has access to everything,” reported CIO.

While workers said they wanted two phones to keep their personal and professional lives separate, we doubt that will last for long. With BlackBerry Balance and Secure Work Space designed to keep corporate and personal information separate across multiple platforms – BlackBerry, Android and iOS, it’s only a matter of time before BlackBerry is the only mobile solution you will need.


We use our mobile devices for more than texting friends and updating our Twitter feeds. Today’s workers need to access files and information, while staying in constant communication with clients and co-workers while on the go.

“I get 150 emails a day; I want a communication device. The iPhone doesn’t do it as efficiently as a BlackBerry,” a client once told Mai Watson, an account manager at New Age Marketing.

The client shared with Watson: “I don’t need Netflix. I don’t need entertainment. I just want to 3Ps Productivityhandle my emails, texts and voice messages as efficiently and as easily as possible. The iPhone doesn’t make it easy.”

A colleague of Watson’s, meanwhile, expressed her displeasure with her former Samsung device – and why she went back to Black.

“I hated that phone for the two years I had it. I couldn’t do anything on that phone. Everything was harder; forget trying to send attachments. I had a BlackBerry before and I came back to a BlackBerry. At least I can get my work done now and I’m not typing like I’m an idiot!”

While we’re proud to hear that users love our devices to get their work done, we’re even more proud to offer cross-platform management so workers can have the devices and applications that meet their productivity or personal needs without adding more stress to IT.


The latest data breaches and iCloud scandal has everyone talking about mobile security – and for good reason. Private photos, health and financial information being leaked has web users in a frenzy over whether their device will be next and what can they do to protect themselves.

So it’s nice to hear so many users agree – “if you want mobile security – you want BlackBerry”:

The bottom line is, we all want to get our work done as effortlessly and stress-free as possible. We want to keep our businesses running smoothly, without IT or hackers prying into our personal information and using it against us. BlackBerry is the only mobile solution that can ease your privacy, productivity and protection needs. It’s no wonder workers are deciding to come back to BlackBerry.

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