Enabling Mobile Enterprises to Balance Protection and Productivity


80404212Would you like to travel across the city or the country without compromising other commitments, like turning in those reports on time? Do you feel confined to your cubicle, willing to give anything to have full access to things like corporate files while working from home? You’re not alone with your frustrations; hence the mobile workforce trend that is sweeping through government, healthcare, finance, and other organizations across the nation.

Mobile productivity allows employees to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, no matter their location. Whether it‘s a field position or a worker wishing to edit documents while sitting by the lake, employees are investing in mobile devices and applications to get the job done on-the-go. If you’re the head of any business, you need to be aware of the trends creeping into your workforce … and be prepared to safely deal with them.

Mobile Productivity

As more workers access corporate data remotely, keeping information secure has become a top concern for all organizations – and it should be. An alarming 71% of data breaches have resulted from targeting user devices and 66% of those go undetected for six months or longer, according to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. With recent successful cyber-attacks, including those that hit Gmail and iCloud, the security conversation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and neither are we.

Data leaks can hurt the profits and credibility of any organization, as Target experienced with their Christmas 2013 breach. The retailer is still rebuilding the trust of its 40 million customers.

All organizations should be aware of the potential dangers of cybersecurity attacks, especially as the trend of employees using mobile devices for work continues to grow. As the number of devices and applications connected to a corporate network increase, so do the chances increase for the company’s infrastructure to become weak and vulnerable to attacks. The need for protection of the mobile workforce is becoming more attractive by the day, so it’s no surprise that BlackBerry’s BES10 continues to be the market leader for mobile security.

Protection and Productivity

BES10 is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution that delivers a compelling end-user experience while protecting the organization from data loss, theft, and potential attacks. BES10 receives top-tier approval from enterprise and government agencies for its containerization, encryption, and two-way authentication capabilities.

As detailed in one of our white papers, “Separating Work and Personal: How BlackBerry Balance Works at the Platform Level,” companies using the BlackBerry Balance feature on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones, in conjunction with BES10, can create separate environments for work and personal data to prevent emails, applications, and information from leaking from one space into the other. This allows end users to use the devices and personal applications of their choice without worrying that their privacy is being compromised.

IT managers aren’t able to peek into what goes on in personal work spaces, but still have the ability to control which company information an employee has access to. They can also manage corporate applications, control network connectivity, and wipe all corporate information from a device if necessary, such as if it is lost or an employee leaves the company.

BlackBerry Balance is built directly into BlackBerry 10 devices, but BES10 also allows IT managers to provide secure, separated work spaces on Android and iOS smartphones. Workers are able to do their jobs anywhere on any device that meets their personal needs, while the boss can rest assured that employees are happy and data won’t be leaked.

Review this white paper from BlackBerry’s SlideShare page to learn how BES10 is the ultimate choice for true enterprise mobility management, and the only solution designed to keep protection and productivity in perfect harmony.

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