Media: Celebrity Hacking Leak Reinforces BlackBerry’s Security Leadership



As the iCloud hacking story continues to unfold, experts are finding it hard to talk about strong mobile security without bringing the corporate embodiment of it into the discussion.

“One tech name popping back on the radar is BlackBerry, which still has one of the best enterprise security systems out there,” stated Fox Business anchor, Liz Claman.

A BlackBerry user herself, Claman interviewed longtime industry analyst, Rob Enderle, who called security BlackBerry’s “longest-sustaining advantage. And they went cross-platform earlier this year. So they can actually provide security services to folks with iPhones.”

“There are a lot of people still on BlackBerries that were thinking about getting off them. I don’t think they’re thinking that much anymore,” continued Enderle. “If you’re on BlackBerry you’re likely going to stay on BlackBerry now.”

Claman agreed. “The value of the BlackBerry security makes people wonder (about switching). I was just talking to the CEO of a large foreign bank. He said, ‘Liz, I still have to hold onto this BlackBerry.’”

Enderle also pointed out BlackBerry’s pending acquisition of premier mobile encryption company Secusmart: “Right now, it’s the only platform that’s aggressively going after encrypting the voice side; not just the data side. They’ve got a gold mine here, eventually…I think there’s an opportunity here for BlackBerry to really step out.”

Check out more comments by Claman and Enderle in the video below:


“BlackBerry is the anti-Apple,” declared CNNMoney’s Paul R. LaMonica. “BlackBerry is widely acknowledged by many tech experts to have one of the most secure mobile platforms…now that Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities are dealing with the PR nightmare of their nude photos circulating around the Internet due to a hack of their iCloud accounts, it’s possible that the company could win new customers … or, at the very least, regain some of the ones it has lost.”

Rival business news channel CNBC also ran a story headlined: “Why Apple’s security pain may be BlackBerry’s gain.”

Meanwhile BGR’s Brad Reed wrote “[The hacking scandal] gives the company yet another opportunity to remind everyone that it offers the best mobile security around.”

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Over on Time Warner Cable News, Alana LaFlore interviewed Austen Givens, a professor of practice in cyber security at Utica College, who recommends BlackBerry: “If you’re concerned – there are ways to protect your data. Givens says you might consider switching to a more secure phone. According to him, the Blackberry is best for data encryption.”

In a Waterloo Record story entitled “Businesses should be confident in BlackBerry Cloud Services,” technology analyst Carmi Levy says the difference is that Apple’s iCloud was built for consumers and BlackBerry’s suite of cloud services are for the corporate and enterprise world.

“That has significant implications for the kinds of security features built into the service,” Levy told the newspaper. “They are two very different animals.”

There were certainly no shortage of comments on Twitter as the story blew up:

Twitter Comments on Hack 1
Twitter: Hack Comments 1

It goes on and on and on.

One thing’s for sure – people are now thinking about mobile security more than they were last week.

If you want mobile security, you want BlackBerry.

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