Ready to get rid of your hard token?


Securely access RSA passcodes within Secure Work Space now with Work Security ID for BES10.

As a Secure Work Space customer, you’ll no longer need to carry a separate hardware token to securely access RSA passcodes! Now available, Work Security ID for BES10 generates one-time passcodes from a soft token located within the Secure Work Space.

The Work Security ID client is integrated with the RSA SecurID SDK to deliver two-factor authentication from the mobile device. This mobile software token is used within Secure Work Space, allowing end users to copy and paste the token code from the Work Security ID app to other apps within the Secure Work Space with just one tap.  The token code can also be used outside the mobile application for traditional authentication tasks, such as one-time passwords to access online systems such as VPN, Wi-Fi, or secure web portals.

The BES10 Secure Work Space gives users the ability to securely access work email, contacts, calendar, browser and RSA Token codes through applications contained within a Secure Work Space.

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Administrators of the RSA Authentication Manager can rapidly and securely deploy software tokens to Secure Work Space user devices.

Now available in an iOS version from the Apple App Store, Work Security ID for BES10 is RSA Ready Program Certified and is also available for Android devices on the Google Play App Store.

Additional applications that run within the Secure Work Space.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Secure Work Space for BES10 with Work Security ID  requires BES10 software and the RSA Authentication Manager to be installed within your organization.   Additional security and functionality including application wrapping and secure connectivity can be achieved through the Secure Work Space option.

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Maria Stockham is a Senior Enterprise Product Marketing Manager at BlackBerry focused on unified communications and collaboration and responsible for marketing enterprise applications (corporate and 3rd party including iOS and Android apps securely wrapped for deployment in Secure Work Space). Maria is a full time telecommuter based in Minneapolis, Minn. She understands how technology can enable the successful proliferation of virtual, global teams as well as the productivity and collaboration benefits it can provide. Her software industry experience spans over 10 years in digital imaging and telecommunications verticals. With a degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Maria has held various positions in Product Management as well as Product, Program and Channel Marketing.

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