Case Study: Argentine Security Firm Proves that being Protected Boosts Productivity – Not Limits It

Case Study

logoG4SEven in IT, a lot of people still think that “security” and “freedom” can’t coexist in a corporate environment – that securing corporate data means limiting the tools employees can use to do their jobs.

That’s why – if you’ve ever worked for a company that takes security seriously – you’ve probably felt the sting of being denied access to a mobile app or tool that would make your job faster or easier. Did you go rogue and use the app anyway, at the risk of compromising company security?

In the classic face-off between “getting it done” and “playing it safe,” the latter almost always wins out. Or so the official record book would show. What doesn’t often get accounted for is the fact that employees are very good, and very persistent, when it comes to getting it done their way.

To feel secure, some companies lock down mobile devices to the point that it impedes productivity. But are they looking at security in the wrong way?

Security as an Enabler

Instead of locking down and limiting the tools that employees can use, smart companies are looking at security as an enabler of productivity. Because with the right security platform, innovation can flourish. I’d argue that it’s the only way.

Implementing a secure, reliable infrastructure that can flex to meet a company’s requirements over time can promote the early adoption of new tools. Being on the cutting edge of technology can help organizations jump ahead of the competition. In this way, security helps reinforce client, employee, and investor trust and confidence in a company.

Preparing for the Future

For companies that have embraced BYOD, security must be implemented on a platform level, rather than simply on a device or app level.

As more devices are built to connect with the “Internet of Things,” this becomes even more critical. Robust and scalable mobile device infrastructures that provide trusted security are catching the attention of companies today.

Tangible Results

G4S Argentina is a company whose brand relies on security. Delivering security products, services, and solutions for industry sectors and countries where security risks are considered a strategic threat, this company understands the importance of trust.

Only the most secure mobile device infrastructure would establish the trust needed to allow their employees to do their job whenever, wherever they are.

Choosing BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 (BES10) is paying off. G4S Argentina has seen a 70 percent increase in speed and efficiency of salesforce response times on the BES10 platform.

Read more about how the secure and trusted BES10 solution is driving productivity for G4S Argentina.

About João Stricker

Managing Director at BlackBerry for LATAM South since 2014. Prior to this, Stricker was Managing Director for Brazil, a position he held since 2012. Stricker began working at BlackBerry in 2009 as sales manager for the NII International Group (Nextel) and Oi. During 2010 he was Commercial Director, and responsible for overall strategy and the company's relationship in Brazil with phone operators. Before joining BlackBerry, Stricker worked for six years at TIM, where he held a number of senior positions. Stricker has a degree in Business Administration with specialization in Systems Analysis from PUC-RS University.

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